Dino Melaye vs Remi Tinubu: Top 5 ‘Hilarious’ Things We Learnt From Their Fracas

Dino-MelayeControversial senator, Dino Melaye, has once again found himself in the news and this time, it has nothing to do with his flamoyant lifestyle or declaration of his unwavering support for embattled senate president, Bukola Saraki.

Melaye, is again in the news, but this time, its because of his issues with Remi Tinubu, wife of ‘Jagaban’ himself Tinubu. Many things were said right there in the floors of the senate due to the adrenaline rush and when we taught that was all, but, they continued, dropping more bombshell that we have no option but bring them to you our esteemed readers so you always stay abreast current trends in the polity.

Here are 5 things we find rather funny than taking serious in the whole Melaye vs Remi epic ‘Mortal Kombat’ battle:


  1. The beating and impregnating part.

dino fight (1)Knowing the kind of person Dino is, I would say i wasn’t too surprised hearing those statements “I will beat and impregnate you, and nothing will happen”.

The surprise actually this time, was who the statement was directed at – the wife of the APC Jagaban. ‘Dino get mind sha’

  1. She has reached Menopause really! Dino?

traditional dino (1)Well let me gist you, shortly after the internet broke over the fight of ‘two adults’ on the senate floor, Senator Dino rushed on air to give out a press statement clarifying things he said and didn’t say. Then he dropped the biggest bomb of all, by referring to Tinubu’s wife as ‘medically impossible’ to get pregnant. He did not stop there, he said, she has reached ‘menopause’, unbelievable! you will say, well I said something bigger than that when I watched a clip of the statement.

Seriously is Dino trying to quench the fire or he is trying to start a big one? For me I will place my money on the later.

  1. Malaye the Thug, Dog

For a senator to be called a thug is bad enough, then adding Dog, and to add salt to injury, all this statement coming from a woman. Haba Senator Remi, why ‘naw’? Because me am now confused, did you really call Melano all this knowing his reputation with the opposite sex?

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  1. All Hail King Dino, the new leader of Borudillon Street.

king Dino (1)Senator Melaye in other to show supporter that he is not scared of anybody went to a trip in a Lagos and he visited the popular Bourdilion Street where the Tinubu’s reside. I guess that action alone rings many bell, in all of this.

  1. Is Senator Remi Tinubu rude?

Though am not trying to defend every of Dino’s outburst during their fracas nor the ‘thug, dog’ lines credited to Senator Tinubu.

However, like Africans that we are, there goes the saying that there is no smoke without fire. So, if the recent Facebook post (why always Remi) by Senator Melaye is anything to go by, then I have but one question to ask, is Remi Tinubu rude?

Do let us know your opinion in this epic fracas of two ‘distinguished’ senators in the comment box.

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