Dell Unveils Latest Adaptable Storage Center Operating System 7

dell_72477After three years of research, Dell has announced the completion of the Storage Center Operating System 7, an innovative platform which will further redefine the economics of enterprise storage by accelerating the industry shift to modern, flash-based architectures.

The SCOS 7 promote the adoption of flash while elevating and abstracting data control through increased virtualization. This unifies Dell’s storage ecosystem across multiple portfolios. The release provides new intelligence and flexibility to help businesses advance their infrastructure to meet today’s needs and prepare for future challenges.

According to the Country Manager, Dell Nigeria, Akin Banuso, the new operating system delivers industry-leading capabilities resulting in significant business benefits for customers, including increased portfolio-level investment protection.

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“Dell’s SC Series has always been an extremely progressive storage platform – and SCOS 7 is by far our most revolutionary software release to date. We designed the SC platform from the ground up to be future ready and this release takes flash, reduplication and system intelligence to the next level.” Banuso said.

“SCOS 7 makes leading-edge storage technology practical for more workloads, enabling a fundamental transformation of the data centre by eliminating acquisition cost barriers for flash and lowering ongoing expense with simplified management and increased efficiency” he added.

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