CRICKET: I’ve Slept With Over 500 girls – The Fairytale Story Of Cricket Star, Tino Best

Tino Best is an Indian cricket star who played for teams like Barbados, Yorkshire and St Lousia Zouks.He had a good time travelling all over the world with West Indies and in his book,he said he’s slept with over ‘500’ women all around the world and says Australians are the most beautiful. tino bbb

“i love girls and girls love me. I reckon I’m the best-looking bald-headed guy in the world. I joke about being the black Brad Pitt! Everywhere I went as a cricketer, I’d talk to girls, date girls and sleep with girls. I reckon I’ve slept with anywhere between 500 and 650 girls, all around the world.I had a beautiful baby called Tamani with my first love Melissa but things went bad with us. The lads had told me that, once I took wickets for Barbados, she’d come running back for me. I had done just that but she hadn’t. When she called it a day, I became a bit of a playboy. Put it this way: I was a man whore.If I liked a girl, I’d go and talk to them – whoever it was. If I’d seen Beyonce and she was single, I’d have gone and introduced myself: ‘Hello, my name’s Tino. What’s yours?’ No girl intimidated me. I met a lot of girls at a place called The Boatyard in Barbados. I used to chill there with my team-mates Courtney Browne, Sulieman Benn, Floyd Reifer and Sherwin Campbell, who all played for the West Indies. It had a real cool vibe. It wasn’t a nightclub, more a beach bar where you could have a drink, lounge and meet different people.was younger than the rest of my team-mates when I first arrived on the scene. I was handsome and single and girls liked that. They liked the fact there was no strings attached with me too.I was desperate to impress the older lads when I got in the Barbados squad because we had a brotherhood together. I was the new kid on the block and I felt like I’d get points from the boys when I pulled a girl. It was a way of getting more respect and showing I was the man.The Barbados and West Indies lads used to like a drink but there was no huge drinking culture. They never encouraged me to drink, put it that way, and I never felt pressurised. It was more of a social drink – one or two brandies – and it wouldn’t end up out on the p***. I used to train so hard that I couldn’t afford to fill myself with booze and throw that down the drain. Risk the opportunity of playing for the West Indies? No chance, bro”.

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He went further,saying “i’d pick and choose who I wanted to date. I used to go on five or six dates a week, all with different girls. So, yes, I was a man whore. I’d have to juggle them round. One on one day, another on another day. I was young and loving the lifestyle.My mum said she didn’t mind me having lots of girls if I was careful. And there’s one thing I never did – I’d never lie to a girl. I’d always tell them straight: I don’t want a relationship and all I’m interested in is having fun. No relationship, no stress. It was one bit of advice Floyd always used to tell me. You don’t have to tell girls lies. Just be honest.Once Melissa left, I didn’t like the thought of having to answer to someone. I didn’t want to be steaming in for Barbados against Jamaica at Sabina Park, worrying if my wife or girlfriend was back home cheating while I was away. I have my whole life to find someone – cricket is a short career.All the girls knew the score. They knew I was a travelling athlete and they knew I wasn’t husband material. Marriage is not really encouraged in our society anyway. People tend to break up so much. You’ll spend a load of money building a million-dollar house, split up and the other half will want to have half the damn house. I always wanted to wait and. Even then. It has to be the right girl. I’m not going to rush it.We used to go on tour with the West Indies – and away with Barbados – and see how many girls we could enjoy. If I went to Australia and saw a nice-looking blonde, I’d want to date them. If I went to South Africa and saw a gorgeous brunette, I’d want to go out for a bit with her. I always used to tease my team-mates and tell them that, if they didn’t play cricket, they wouldn’t get the girls. I’d get girls because I’m good looking, I’d joke!We used to have competitions of who could shag the most girls on tour. I think my record, on an eleven-week tour to Australia in 2005, was more than forty. I was twenty four and I didn’t play a Test on that tour. The coach, Bennett King, didn’t fancy me one bit. He must have been the only one who didn’t! He made me watch the Test matches and I used to feel so frustrated. All I did was play the tour games.But I was bowling fast – at night. I’d go out partying on my own, pick up a girl and take her back to the hotel. I wasn’t out drinking much on those nights. I’d have a brandy but I would train and work so hard, so I didn’t want much alcohol. I knew drinking would undo all the hard work I was putting in. I’d always be fitter, faster and stronger than everyone else. Nothing would get in the way of that. I wanted girls not alcohol.go out, pick up a couple of girls and take them back to our hotel. A plush hotel with a professional sportsman: the girls loved it. Sometimes I’d take back four girls on one night! If that happened, I’d have to call one of the other lads for back-up to help me out.I’ve had plenty of threesomes, or menages a trois, as I like to call them. One night I had three girls at once. That’s the most I’ve ever done stuff with. I wasn’t getting any play on the field in Australia – but I was at night. The greatest night of my life was in 2004. I had my first menage a trois in the Crowne Plaza hotel in Birmingham. Wow. I went for dinner with two beautiful girls and took them back to my room.That blew my mind.

He rated the Australians the most beautiful he’s ever met “The most beautiful girls are the Australians. I think they are amazing. They are really into their fitness and have amazing bodies. Did any of this affect my cricket? No, not at all. I don’t think it hindered me. There was no-one who trained harder than me for Barbados or the West Indies. If I bring two girls back and have sex with them, I’ll still be out there first in the morning working hard. I was smart about it and didn’t get into any trouble. I respected that I played for my country and did everything I could – but I liked enjoying myself too”.


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