Corning’s Latest Gorilla Glass 5 Will Protect Your Device’s Screen From 80% Of Drops


One of the major fears when our phone drops to the ground is usually the screen; we are quick to wonder if the screen is broken, that’s probably our worst fears.

Thanks to Corning’s recently announced improved version of its Gorilla Glass for mobile devices, which promises to protect your devices from shoulder height drops, you don’t have to worry that much any longer.

According to the company’s own lab tests, a Gorilla Glass 5 smartphone screen will survive a 1.6-meter drop (about 5 feet and 4 inches) on its face around 80 percent of the time.

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“We recently did a survey, and it’s fairly obvious that everyone drops their phone. We find that the average height is over a meter high,” Corning’s Senior VP Jim Steiner explained to TechCrunch. “Based on our internal data on drop events, our data shows that Gorilla Glass 5 outperforms 4 by 1.8-times.”

The newly improved Gorilla Glass is commercially available at this time and the company expects it to start showing up on retail devices later in this quarter. “We are in production and are shipping to customers already. You will see some launches in quarter three, and you will see some within a month,” Steiner said.

Corning’s protective Gorilla Glass now protects some 4.5 billion devices across the planet, including more than 1,800 product models across 40 major brands.

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