Comedian Basketmouth Reignites Feud With OAP Freeze


Everyone thought, the war was finally over, when Freeze took to Instagram few weeks back, to apologize to a couple of persons he had insulted, with Basketmouth being one of them.

Alas, it seems the war is just starting, as Basketmouth, just took a shot at the talented on air personality.

The talented comedian shared a photo of a Rolex wrist watch valued at N23m, and captioned it ‘I will only spend N23,000,000 on a watch, if the watch can tell me……


1: The time Jesus is coming back

2: When they will bring back the girls

3: The time corruption will stop in Naija

4: The time the Naira will be equal to the dollar….just to mention a few.

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Freeze,an avid fan of wristwatches fired shots back when he replied to  Basketmouth’s post writing:

I just love the way this feels on my wrist, one of my favorite watches. It’s so heavy because platinum is a very heavy metal. My watches tell me the time, that’s all that matters. If you want to know when Jesus is coming I’m sorry Rolex can’t help you, maybe giving your life to Christ can. Jesus could also help you get rid of bitterness and malice


Not ready to back down, Basketmouth replied saying:

Everyone has a sense of humor, If you don’t laugh at jokes, you probably laugh at opinions, .and I totally find that very hilarious

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