Clinton Refuse To Rule Out Picking Sanders As Running Mate

Hillary Clinton does not rule out picking her Democratic presidential primary challenger, Bernie Sanders, as her vice president.

“I won’t get into that,” she said in an interview, when asked if giving Sanders a spot on the ticket would help bring the party together.
She also declined to answer if Sanders was in consideration for the No. 2 slot.
Clinton, who is leading the increasingly divisive Democratic contest, didn’t completely shutdown the possibility of Sanders as her running mate, saying, “That’s something down the road.”
Sanders could be Clinton’s running mate
Sanders has said repeatedly that he intends to stay in the contest until “the last ballot is cast.”
Tensions in the Democratic Party have boiled over, highlighted by a heated Nevada Democratic Convention in which disagreements over party rules led to a raucous response by Sanders supporters including posting state party chairwoman Roberta Lange’s phone number and address on social media, which led to death threats.
Sanders denounced the violence, saying in a statement, “Our campaign of course believes in nonviolent change and it goes without saying that I condemn any and all forms of violence, including the personal harassment of individuals.”
But many Democratic leaders called for Sanders to do more, including others rumored to be on the Clinton VP shortlist.
“Bernie is a leader and he needs to condemn it without equivocation and without trying to deflect attention or blame to somebody else … deflection of responsibility is not leadership,” Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia tsaid.
Fellow potential VP pick Rep. Xavier Becerra called on Sanders to “act like a leader,” saying that Sanders should “send a very clear message, if he hasn’t already … that he does condemn activity that could lead to violence.”
Divisions in the party aside, Clinton said there is at least one thing that unites the two candidates.
“What brings us together is Donald Trump,” she said.
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