Child Rape: 30-Year Old Rapes Neighbor’s Son (Photo)

30-year old rapes 4-year old
Police officers at the Aguda Divisional Police Station, are at the moment investigating a child rape case.
According to reports, a 30-year old man, identified as Prince Ovivare, allegedly defiled his neighbour’s 4-year-old son (names withheld). The incident was said to have taken place on Wednesday, after the boy returned from school.
The victim’d mother who spoke to Vanguard recounted the horrific incident saying:
 normally, my son stays in the Headteacher’s house after school, when I am not through with my work. So when we came home, I gave him food and bathed him. After sometime he said ‘mummy I want to go outside and play. Since I was still busy with cleaning, I allowed him. After sometime, when I did not hear his voice, I came outside and shouted his name. He ran out from a neighbour’s room. I asked him what he was doing there. He said Brother Prince was kissing him and put his wee wee inside his bum bum. I checked my son and he had some bruises on his buttocks.
I rushed to Aguda Police Station. They took my statement, asked my son questions and he kept repeating the same thing. Then police referred me to Mirabel Centre at Ikeja Teaching Hospital. The next morning, I took my son to Ikeja and the doctors did some tests. After examining him, they confirmed he was indeed assaulted. At the hospital, they gave me some drugs and said they should make sure that the suspect is arrested. I went back to the station and came with police to arrest him.
I want relevant agencies to come to my help for justice. I need justice for this wickedness done to my child. My son is traumatised. He told me the suspect said he would kill him (my son) if he told me. I have not been able to sleep for days now. I cannot even eat. How could this human being be this wicked?
Reports also revealed that the victim and his mother lives alone as his father is out of the country.
SP Dolapo Badmos, Lagos State Police Command spokesperson, confirmed the case adding that the child was taken to Mirabel Centre by the mother and the IPO.
Badmos, also confirmed that the suspect, Prince Ovivare, has been arrested as test results are still been expected back from the clinic. She added that the case will be transferred to the command’s gender desk today.
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