“Tetrahedron” The Super Yacht That Can Fly

Meet “Tetrahedron”, the new creation from designer Jonathan Schwinge,who has made several trial on reinventing the superyacht.

Taking its name from the geometric shape, the Tetrahedron Super Yacht is a floating pyramid that appears to have landed from outer space, merging the aviation and maritime worlds

I felt it was time that the superyacht world could expand,” Schwinge said. “It’s a reinvention of the superyacht idea, a superyacht that does not look like a superyacht in any form but which has had, however, a quantum leap aspect to it.

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With its main body perched on a submerged torpedo-shaped hull via a vertical strut, the Tetrahedron offers an elevated mode of travel above the ocean’s waterline — giving the impression of a boat that can fly.


It is made possible by the HYSWAS (hydrofoil small waterplane area ship) hull, which enables the vessel to be lifted out of the water at speed on side-mounted adjustable hydrofoils. When traveling at a lower speed, meanwhile, the Tetrahedron sits gently onto three underbelly hulls.

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“The result is a futuristic, exciting and totally unconventional flying superyacht which seems to have captured the imagination,” Schwinge said.

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Unspillled coffee is not the only luxury guests on board will be able to enjoy. When docked, the Tetrahedron’s three sides can fold down to become enlarged sun decks boasting an outdoor dining area and easy access to the water, while horizontal panels emerge overhead to provide shade.

“It’s a private island with openable ‘beaches’ to the sea,” Schwinge says, adding that the vessel will preserve the traditional luxury of yachts but possess a “super-lightweight special interior” similar to private jets

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