Buratai Dares Generals To Go Court Over Forced Retirements

BurataiFollowing recent disclosure by some senior officers of the Nigerian Army including Generals (38 officers) by the Army Council for alleged complicity and partisanship in the 2015 general elections while others were said to have soiled their hands in arms and logistics procurement, the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Tukur Buratai has dared those not satisfied with the process to go to court.

Buratai challenged the officers just as he admitted that some of them have petitioned the Army Council and other quarters over their alleged unjust retirement, insisting that due process was followed to the letter.

Speaking on the allegations regarding his family’s purchase of houses in Dubai and that of the alleged purchase of refurbished weaponry and logistics equipment which were presented as brand new, the Army Chief described such allegations as the handiwork of cyber and internet terrorists who had been defeated on land in the epicenter of Boko Haram insurgency.

The COAS who spoke on the occasion of a media briefing to kick-start the Nigerian Army Day Celebration 2016 scheduled 11th to 14th July, explained further, “With regards to the retirements, I would not have said anything because the minister has cleared the doubt. But I want to inform you that due process was followed. It is a good idea that some of them are going to court.

Some of them have written and we will respond to them accordingly. I have directed the legal department to prepare our defence for those going to court. The Army Council in its wisdom has taken the right decision and we have to abide by it”.

“For those making allegation about houses and weaponry procurement, the media should read between the lines. We have completely defeated the terrorists and insurgents (Boko Haram) on land and the remnants are fleeing. They can’t hold territories but are running to border countries.

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“Now they have migrated to cyberspace and the internet. What they are now doing is resorting to cyber and internet (online) terrorism to distract the Nigerian Army. But I assure you, we will defeat them. We are developing our own cyber warriors in the Nigerian Army to deal with their threat.

I assure you we will also defeat them”. Regarding the refurbished weaponry and logistics equipment some of which were said to be failing, Buratai said, “This is all part of the campaign of calumny. I am always highly concerned about doing the right thing.

My officers know my position. We have carried out several investigations and due diligence on issues of arms and logistics procurement and their quality/capabilities. So there is no room for sub standard weaponry as claimed”.

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