Bukky Ajayi’s Last Moments Finally Revealed By Her Kids


The Nigerian entertainment scene was thrown into mourning a couple of days back when veteran actress, Bukky Ajayi, passed on at the age of 82.

Bukky, who acted in 80’s hit TV series, The Village Headmaster’, was a force to reckon with in the movie industry, as she had over a hundred films to her credit.

Mama, as she was fondly called, was buried the same day she died according to muslim rites.

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New reports have however emerged on how the great actress finally left for the world beyond.
How she died: Her last moments

Claudius Akinwade Peter-Thomas, a musician and second son of the late icon said:

There aren’t enough words to quantify Mama. She was an independent woman who shouldered the responsibility of raising three lions (sons) without raising her brows. I see her as a lioness. She was also able to combine and manage her situation (single motherhood) and her career. She was a good planner.

To that effect, my elder brother is nine years older than me, and I am 11 years older than my younger brother. A good planner she was. Despite being in the public glare, she ensured her private life remained private. Many of my friends didn’t know I was the daughter of the popular actress. This is not because she wasn’t proud of her children, but because she was able to draw the line between her career and her family. People relate with me as Raz CPT and not the daughter of a celebrity, so to say. Mummy has been struggling with her health, she had cancer of the breast, diabetic and was also hypertensive.

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Kunle Fawole, popularly known as Abounce, last child of the veteran actress shared her finally moments.

I and mama were in the living room with some of my friends when I noticed that her heart wasn’t moving, I mean like she stopped breathing. Immediately, I checked her pulse and called my elder brothers. We felt her pulse and heartbeat, did everything possible. But alas, she has passed on. And that was at about 11:23 am on Wednesday. She was a bit ill before this happened. She had been ill for a number of years now. She had stroke some couple of years back. There was a time she also had cerebral malaria. She became diabetic, hypertensive and also suffered breast cancer before now

Mr Alfred Oluwole Shoga, 60,  Buky Ajayi’s first son, had this to say:

At 60, my mother still gives me money each time I visit her and I will say, `Mum I’m suppose to give you money’ and she will say I should use it for transportation.

May she continue to rest in peace.


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