‘We Are Broke’ – Ali Ndume Cries Out


A new information has been made known by Senate leader, Ali Ndume

Speaking to newsmen in Abuja, he said the National Assembly is broke and and the current situation is becoming a thing of worry as legislators are no longer been paid.

According to him:

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I know that the whole country is in financial difficulty, not only National Assembly. I have been in the National Assembly since 2003, but things keep getting worse; I think they paid us last month’s salary on the 16th of the following month or thereabouts,It is not only with the National Assembly, some states have not been able to pay salaries for six months, one year.

Some states were even asking their workers to go and farm for two days and work for the other three days in a week.
Even in the Presidency, they have tightened their belts on their expenditure and so, it’s a general phenomenon in the country.
We used to receive running costs or allowances quarterly but now it is monthly and it doesn’t come as and when due.

Speaking on the public’s view about the National Assembly, he said Nigerians had a wrong impression about legislators.

If the National Assembly is so corrupt and you can make much money, then tell me one member that is living in luxury after leaving office.
Some of my colleagues who lost out in the 2015 election are struggling to pay their children’s school fees, some of them are even struggling to take care of their health.

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Temitope Delano

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