British Researchers Finds Root Cause Of Serial Miscarriage, Paves Way For Inexpensive Treatment

British researchers finds root cause of serial miscarriages

There is hope for women who have for long suffered several miscarriages in their attempt to start a family.

British Doctors have come up with the way out of this heartbreaking experience as the Warwick University medics believe that they have found the root cause of the devastating condition.

Siobhan Quenby, a British researcher while being interviewed reviewed that she plans to have a not too expensive test and treatment available to all in five years.

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According to Quenby:

Recurrent miscarriage is incredibly destructive. This offers real hope.

According to Stem Cells reports, in knowing the root cause of recurrent miscarriages, the researchers looked at the lining of the womb tissue, this is an important key to being able to carry a pregnancy through its course. The stem cells in the lining lead to it being constantly replenished and renewed throughout a woman’s life.


In doing this, it was discovered that women who had suffered recurrent miscarriages had fewer of these cells, and those they did have were genetically different, which in turn shows that the lining of the womb was older and less able to prepare for pregnancy

Jan Brosens, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology, and the leader of the study group  said:

We have discovered that the lining of the womb in the recurrent miscarriage patients we studied is already defective before pregnancy.

Professor Quenby said:

I can envisage that we will be able to correct these defects before the patient tries to achieve another pregnancy. In fact, this may be the only way to really prevent miscarriages in these cases.

The researchers hope to develop a test to determine how many stem cells a woman has in the lining of her womb. They are also poised to run trials of two potential treatments.

In one, women will undergo a slight scratching of the lining of their womb, in a bid to spur sleeping stem cells into action. In the other, they will be given drugs that are already used to treat diabetes and are thought to boost stem cells.

Recurrent miscarriage can cause an awful amount of suffering and grief, as well as anxiety and depression and time off work for the mother and the father. It is an awful thing to keep going through and there are very few answers at the moment, which is why I hope this is going to be such a big step forward.

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