BOXING: Klitschko Pledges To Knock Fury Out, Calls Him A Disgrace

It was a press conference where both parties had to come around with their team for a compulsory discuss with the press and with Tyson Fury in the house,it sure was going to be entertaining.

Tyson Fury and Wladmir Klitschko in their press conference
Tyson Fury and Wladmir Klitschko in their press conference

Tyson Fury claimed an impressive victory over WBC Champion Wladmir Klitschko and a clause in the contract before the fight insists Klitschko had the option of a rematch if he was beaten and after he lost to Fury,it became inevitable that Klitschko was going to activate the clause instead of backing out.Klitscho wasn’t at the best on that day but Tyson Fury stood up to whatever challenge Klitschko threw at him.Now the time of revenge edges closer with both fighters getting ready for the rematch next month   “A fat man that’s who beat you. Shame on you”, said Fury, turning to face Klitschko in the event on Wednesday.What’s the point of practising your job for 40 years if you can’t beat a fat man? You want to see some love handles? You want to see some belly fat?”

Klistchko is still struggling to comprehend how he gave up his heavyweight titles so meekly to a man he regards as an ’embarrassment’ to the sport. he said: “This is my first time in a long time fighting on British soil. I have gone through a lot of emotions in the last months and trying to understand things.I made a mistake in the fight and that cost me the titles. Of course it is not so easy to fight a challenger with great skills, that Fury obviously has. Otherwise he would not take my titles.Aside from that, many people are looking forward to having a champion that represents the sport in a good way and someone I can look up to as well and I say, ‘I am ok with that’. But I am not ok with that, what comes out of his mouth”.Klistchko continued: “He said a lot. To say homosexuals belong in jail, that women belong on their back. That is how he sees Elton John and the Queen. To people who think the same way and Tyson, I say, **** off. Thank you”.

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After Klitschko’s attack, Fury, the WBA and WBO champion, said: “Wlad found his b******* and swore. Listen to him, ‘Thanks for coming, anyone want a **** job. P****.Hall of fame fighter? He is a hall of dog**** champion.He never fought men who turned up to win. He couldn’t get away with his cheating with the ring, with the gloves. So many things to win. When it is fair and square he can’t win”.

Fury promised to floor Klitschko inside the first round of the contest in July, while the Ukrainian did not specify how long it would take to win back the belts he lost in November.will knock Tyson Fury out, he said. “I will not lose my words here. I will knock Tyson Fury out. Period.I expect that most of the fans are going to be for Tyson Fury. I’m actually very happy that this fight, this revenge is going to be staged here rather than in Germany, Ukraine or the US.I am going to have more motivation than I have ever had, especially to fight at the home base of my opponent”.Fury rubbished the notion that Klitschko would be able to transform his boxing style at the age of 40.”Did Larry Holmes change his style at 36 or 37 when he lost his titles to Michael Spinks? He didn’t change his style because he couldn’t. If the great Larry Holmes can’t do it, how can the great Klitschko do it? Wladimir is not a fighter. I’ll tell you all once again he’s a manufactured, built-up boxer. He isn’t a natural fighting man like me. He can’t change his style. If he wants to have a dogfight in the middle of the ring he’s asking the right man”.

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