Boxing: Fury Threatens To Pull Out Of Klitschko Bout

The reigning world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has urged Wladimir Klitschko to iron out the folds in scheduling a date for their much talked about rematch. The champion threatened to pull out of the match if the negotiations between both parties continue in the sluggish nature.

Fury, who holds the WBO, IBO and WBA belts, beat the Ukrainian pugilist last year. The first defence of Fury’s titles is expected to be against the 40-year-old due to the rematch clause. But the new champion made a statement, claiming the delay is a vicious ploy.

Tyson Fury confronts Klitschko

Tyson Fury said, ‘they’re not coming up with a date and whatever, we can’t agree. So if we can’t agree terms, I’ll move on to somebody else.’’ The bout between the two heavyweight boxers was earlier staged for May 7. However, the hiccups caused it to be shifted to a later date, with June 4 the likely date.


Fury asserted that the ploy by Klitschko’s camp to get him complacent, would not work. He said, “I think they think I will put on 10 stone and just let me self-detonate, but that’s not going to happen,” He added that, “when I get the date, I’ll go straight back in the gym and start working it off. I’m not really concerned about it. If it happens, it happens and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

The encounter, which Klitschko promised to be the ‘match of 2016’, could turn out to be a mere fantasy if the two parties do not find a quick resolve.

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