BOXING: Anthony Joshua – Tyson Fury Is The Man Until I Beat Him

Anthony Joshua prepares for his heavyweight bout with Charles Martin this weekend,he’s been in full training for weeks.Joshua who knocked out Dilian Whyte in the seventh round stoppage in December took time out to reply Fury and diiscuss other things.WBA and WBO champion Fury called fellow Briton Joshua, 26, “useless” and said boxing was not just about “bodybuilding”.Fury also predicted Joshua would be “knocked out” on Saturday by defending champion Charles Martin when they fight for the IBF title Fury was stripped of.

Anthony Joshua and David Haye
Anthony Joshua and David Haye

“They’re hating on my beach body,” said Olympic champion Joshua.”If they want, I’ll give them some sessions. They can come train with me.”

When asked :‘Who’s the real world heavyweight champion?’

Finally he lets out an ironic chuckle. His answer: ‘Tyson Fury right now. Wladimir Klitschko was the man for 10 years, so now it has to be the man who beat him.’

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His inherent honesty gets the better of his reluctance. He tells it as it is even though Fury has ridiculed and insulted him.Good for Joshua. The truth and his own integrity matter more to this man than trash-talking and grudge-bearing. Although he does then find a subtler way of putting Fury in his place: ‘Tyson is the man… until I beat him.’And when that happens — or if Klitschko beats Fury in their rematch — Joshua is concerned the Gipsy King will be psychologically unable to cope with the dethronement.‘Tyson won’t know how to handle it,’ he says. ‘All credit to him how he beat Klitschko but behind all the chatter he’s just another boxer. It would help him when defeat comes if he could be a bit more modest and humble.’

Yet our Olympic champion does not see the ‘inevitable fight’ with Fury as a case of good guy versus bad guy.Joshua says: ‘That may be good box office but I don’t see myself typecast like that. Not even as the good guy. I am just me. Myself. I don’t play any character. When I look in the bathroom mirror in the morning I want to see the real AJ.’

The real AJ, now 26, is also a more potent threat to Martin than he suspects the American champion realises.There can only be one of two reasons why he has agreed to come over to London for his first defence of his title,’ says Joshua.‘Option one is that he and his team are underestimating me. That he looks on beating me as easy pickings and his people know how big the UK boxing market is so he can gain overseas recognition while he’s at it.‘Option two, since he is on a big purse, is that he wants to grab a lot of English money as quick as he can. Either way he’s making a big mistake.’

Joshua is not looking past Martin right now,He says: ‘I know this is my biggest test to date. I know Martin is a big puncher with an impressive knockout record of his own, so I will be patient. Pick my shots. Make sure I don’t run on to one of his big wild left swings with 18 stone behind it. Break him down. Then take him out with one of my bombs. It will probably take about seven rounds.’David needs to build his comeback. Tyson must beat Klitschko again. I will take care of Martin,Then we three have to brace up and get it on.


‘I believe I will soon be seasoned enough to beat them both. Then, as unified world champion, I know the pressures and the role-model responsibilities will grow much greater. I’m preparing myself for that, too. I will handle it.‘I gave them my word they would be there with me when I win a world title,’ he says.

While Joshua is not looking past Martin, he is aware of the huge interest in all-British bouts.He says: ‘There are massive UK stadium fights to be had with fights between me, Fury and David Haye. We have to face one another the way heavyweight champions did in the past. We have to make each other part of our legacy’.One thing is definately for sure,the world cannot wait to see any of these guys in the ring and it definately will be a sold out.Boxing in the United Kingdom is definately on the rise.

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