Blac Chyna’s Mum Has Some Hot Words For Ladies Who Sleep With Married Men

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Days after her daughter announced her pregnancy to the world, Blac Chyna’s mum, Tokyo Toni, has come out to slam ladies who sleep with married men.

The soon to be in-law to the Kardashians spared no harsh words as she let out her anger on social media.

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She wrote:

You women out here like to f-ck with married man I hate to tell you boo you lose. Sure you are the other woman which is basically call the cumm dump Old faithful and guess what he lies to you honey. Any May that’s Mary and he cheats on his wife and his wife does not know girl you look like a damn fool.

If your man sheet so you and you know he has another woman and you’re still there girl you are so smart. You know why he has because he has the cum dump to dump in it saves you and your pu**y time!!

He is still paying your bills you don’t have to talk to him cook for him clean for him wash his clothes and you can still do you now if that’s not a smart bitch who has invested 5 to 10 years in him and all he did was go f-ck somebody and call itself in a relationship or whatever girl bye he is miserable as a motherf-cker LOL and the moment he finds out she has someone else he’ll come crawling back by the time you have that cage get your mind right and all of them may even have your eyeball on something new a grand prize and you’ll leave them right on his stomach that’s when you leave!!


Bitch you don’t leave the benefits are you crazy leave his as-s when he comes crawling back not when he’s proud for you to go hold your shit until it’s time!! Y’all fu-k your friends man too… No respect or self respect –

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Tokyo Toni, has before now had issues with the Krdashian over her daughter’s relationship with Rob Kardashian.

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