Berners-Lee Celebrates 25 Years Of The First Website Created


25 years ago, the first website was created although, with irregular designs that featured black text with blue links on a white background. Web pages have changed drastically since then, evolving from plain text to glittery Geocities gifs, into photo and video based pages, and most recently going back to simple for mobile devices.

But take nothing away from Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who created the web with the intention of creating a place where people could share information across the world through documents and links navigated with a simple search function.

The first step to making that a reality occurred on August 6, 1991, although, with very little fanfare.  Berners-Lee launched the first web page from his NeXT computer at CERN’s headquarters in Geneva.

Berners-Lee’s primary idea of the website was to business proposal, as way of preventing information loss in a businesses and the scientific community.

What motivated him was during his time as a computer programmer at CERN’s European Organisation for Nuclear Research, where he’d seen countless amounts of data lost because of high staff turnover and poor communication. And he’d looked on as researchers wasted weeks solving problems only to find out it had been tackled years earlier.

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His solution was a “universal linked information system” in which a network of documents linked to one another in a simple way that anyone could navigate to find exactly what they need.

It’s no doubt that Berners-Lee paved the way for thousands of website since then and has definitely made life a lot easier. Now websites are used for diverse reasons but one thing is sure that we recognise Berners-Lee and his work to the world.

The least we can do is say happy birthday to the World Wide Web.

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