Without doubt,basketball in Nigeria has continually improved by the years.The performances although not overly super,has generated interest among fans in the country.

Having won bronze three times in 1995,2005,2011, Nigeria has also followed that up by winning silver three times in 1997,1999,2003, it was therefore a joy for Nigeria to experience winning its first gold last year 2015 on the continent,led by players like Ike Diogu and Farouk Lawan.Nigerian fans therefore would love to see the country at least show some resilience on the world stage against its peers.

A Nigerian Basketballer against USA at the 2012 olympics
A Nigerian Basketballer against USA at the 2012 olympics

After finishing third in their group in the world championship in Japan,they were narrowly knocked out by Germany in the round of sixteen.Nigeria always struggled to make it to the olympics but they finally made it to their first olympics in 2012.The record wasnt impressive though as they won just one of five games against Tunisia.Although it was a first win to be proud of on the positive side,one of the losses was very terrible.Although it was against the best team in the world,The manner in which USA strolled against Nigeria with a 156-73 win was horrible but that wouldnt stop one of our key men who came up big that night with 27points and 7rebounds from being positive as Nigeria looks set to compete in yet another olympics game in Rio 2016.

On the positive side though,we are not paired in the same group with USA as Nigeria will be looking to improve on its one victory in the last olympics and if possible go past the group stages, with challenges coming from Spain,Lithuania,Argentina,Brazil and one other unknown country

“its going to be our second olympics together.We know what to expect,how to prepare the right way.It’s a good feeling.Those are all top ranked teams.It’s something that everyone is excited for.We are excited to see how far we’ve come since 2012.

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