BASKETBALL: Lakers Players Shun D’Angelo Russell Over Video

Rookie D’Angelo Russell has been shunned by teammates after video surfaced online of the conversation between the rookie and Nick Young according to multiple published reports.A conversation Nick Young wasnt aware was been taped.

“You was 30 and he was 19?” Russell asked Young, 30, in reference to a woman he met at a club. “What about Amber Rose?” Russell asked,referencing to Wiz Khalifa’s baby mama.

De Angelo Russell
De Angelo Russell

“No, she knows my girl” Nick responded”

Later in the video, Russell said “im glad you told my video all that”.

Nick Young who is known for dating rap queen Iggy Azalea hasnt responded yet but a team source said “its bad,its about as bad as it can get,there were trust issues,now there is no trust”.

Iggy Azalea has reacted to the whole story though,tweeting

“whoo,i see D’Angelo Russell is trending… i actually like this film.Thanks bro”.

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