Apple Tv: The Future Of Television


With its mess of horrible, ugly interfaces and extortionate pricing ‘bundles’, it is driving people to find new ways to watch.

While streaming services offer an alternative, finding what you want to watch can sometimes be almost as tough on them.

Apple hopes to change this, and the new version of its Apple TV is a glimpse into an app-focused world that really could change the way we watch, and see Apple dominate the living room in the same way it has the phone and tablet world.

The new Apple TV, which will arrive in consumer’s hands later this week, has been the subject of more speculation that almost any other product in the firm’s history (with the possible recent exception of its car plans).

Tim Cook described it as ‘the future of television’ when he unveiled it, and admitted: ‘We’ve been working really hard, and really long on bringing it all together.’

The new Apple TV is a chunky hockey puck sized box designed to disappear into your living room.

It uses a new bluetooth remote, so can even be hidden inside a cabinet.

For this,the fourth generation of Apple TV, the iPhone maker is laying out its vision for the living room – and it’s all about apps.

For the first time, there’s now a TV app store, and later this week, when the first units are shipped, it will, the firm says, have hundreds of apps.

We were able to try a selection of them – and they bode well for the future.

This Video would explain better

Setup is simple, and uses your iPhone – simply hold it near with bluetooth switched on, and it will pull down all of your wifi settings and Apple account information.

With most modern TV’s, the remote will also switch your set on and off.

To avoid annoying your partner, there’s even an option to use bluetooth headphones.

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As of the time of writing, Apple hasn’t yet revealed its inevitable companion ‘remote’ app for the iPhone and iPad, and for the rest of the setup process, this would be a real timesaver when entering account information.

The new remote is the key to making apps usable.

It’s got a glass touchpad built in, and is incredibly intuitive and responsive.

During playback, you can easily move around a film for instance, and moving your finger quicker lets you scroll quickly through films and TV shows.


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