Amazing! Chinese Doctor Attempts First Human Head Transplant


‘We are getting closer to our goal of a human head transplant,’ he said. ‘We can’t say it will happen tomorrow – but I am not ruling out next year.’

Dr Xiaoping Ren, regarded as China’s “Dr Frankenstein” is about to shock the world with a full body transplant on a live human being by swapping heads on two bodies. Earlier in the year, precisely in march, Dr Ren shocked the world when he successfully conducted a transplant of two living monkeys swapping their heads with each other. Unfortunately this monkeys only survived for about 20 hours. This remains the constant question asked, just how long would the humans survive if Dr Ren happens to be successful?

It would interest you to know that prior to the operation on the monkeys, Dr Ren had conducted several operations on 1,000 mice and none had  survived for more than a day. Sometimes Dr Ren would graft the head of a black mouse with the head of a white mouse distinguishing each mouse from the other.

In 2015, the Chinese government invested £150 billion in scientific research as part of a drive in becoming a world leader in science, encouraging them to be innovative and deliberate in their work in what he labeled as the Chinese dream.

download (5)Some scientist have not failed to state their opinion on the life threatening encounter that Dr Ren is about to expose the world to. Former deputy minister of health in China, Dr Huang Jiefu stated that the plan was ethically ‘impossible’. He said: ‘How can you put one person’s head on another’s body?’

Cong Yali, a medical ethicist at Peking University, vehemently condemned  Dr Ren for attracting negative attention to China. ‘I don’t want to see China’s scholars, transplant doctors and scientists deepening the impression that people have of us internationally, that when Chinese people do things they have no bottom line – that anything goes.’

Irrespective of the negative comments, enough to discourage Dr Ren, Dr Abraham Shaked, a professor of surgery at the University of Pennsylvania and also a director at the penn transplant institute have stated that the idea of transplanting two live heads of a human as  ‘stupid rather than crazy. He further said that ‘Crazy means it may be done. Stupid should not be done.’

Regardless of the situation and response from his colleagues, Dr Ren who assisted in the first hand transplant in the US in 1999 is determined not to be discouraged as he opines that this would the future of the world and an opportunity to save human life i coming years.


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