AFGHAN POWER PROJECT: Kabul Lockdown By Hazara Protesters


In Kabul, thousands of Hazara demonstrators today lockdown the streets of Kabul and march towards the presidential palace, demanding a 500kV transmission line to be routed through Bamyan province, which has a large Hazara population.

The so-called TUTAP line was originally due to pass through Bamyan but the government decided to re-route it through the Salang Pass north of Kabul, saying the shorter route would save money.

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The situation calmed down later, after the government issued a decree promising to postpone the project for six months and set up a commission to review the whole plan, Al Jazeera’s Mohamed Vall said while reporting from Kabul.

“Thousands of protesters who gathered this morning are now dispersing or leaving Kabul towards the areas from which they came from”, he said.

“The government is happy that the situation has not deteriorated. The protesters seem to have ended the rally earlier than planned. Both sides seem to have managed to listen to each other”.



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