Activist Calls For Action Against Albino Mutilation In Malawi


A leading activist has called for action against perpetrators of mutilation violence on albino in Malawi. The targeting and killing of people with albinism in Malawi has a reached a crisis point after two more people were killed and their bodies mutilated, just days after the United Nations said the community faced systematic extinction.

Bonface Massah, head of the Association of People with Albinism in Malawi told Al Jazeera today that the community had seen an increase in attacks over the past three months sparking concerns that not enough is being done to protect their rights.

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Massah said, “We have seen an increase over the past three months and though the authorities have arrested some perpetrators, the situation has reached a crisis level”.

Before the latest set of incidents, the UN recorded at least 65 cases of violence against people with albinism, including killings and dismemberment, since 2014.

Massah’s comments come a day after Amnesty International issued a statement in which it described the attacks on Albinos as “ritual killings over the past 18 months” and urged the government to act immediately.

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