This Is Why You Should Absolutely Never Hand Over Your Card When You’re Paying On Contactless


I probably would have found this more useful if this came earlier after I “Stupidly” forgot my ATM debit card at the mall after I gave my ATM card to the attendant and unfortunately forgot to request for my ATM.

Experts have warned that bars and restaurants should keep an extremely close eye on customers’ bank cards when processing contactless payments – as they are putting them at risk of fraud.

The technology, which allows customers to pay up to £30 without using a PIN number, has become increasingly popular in recent years.

But experts at the UK Cards Association say that best practice is not being followed because customers are too often handing their cards over for payment.

According to guidelines ‘the card or device should always stay in the customer’s hands’ rather than a cashier or bar attendant taking the card and tapping it themselves.

And fraud experts from the Goodwill group have called on customers to refuse to physically hand over their card for a contactless payment if they are asked to.

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Andrew Goodwill, founder of the group, told ‘Customers should live by the rule that they take as much care of their card as you would with their wallet.’

Most larger chains adhere to these guidelines, but the concern is with smaller businesses and pubs who often keep their card machines behind the bar.

Around £7.75 billion was spent on contactless cards last year, a massive increase from £2.32 billion in 2014


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