$90,000 Kiss: Lady Paid This Much To Kiss Gay Singer Ricky Martin

An AIDS fund raising event, recently turned t a dream come true event for dog breeder and businesswoman, Paola Diniz.

The lady, who one can say is gay artiste. Ricky Martins biggest fan yet, won a bid of $90,000 to kiss him passionately even as he attended the vent with his boyfriend.

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The event which took place in the city of Sao Paulo, had the kissing bid in no time become a trending topic immediately the video went viral.

Earlier this year, Ricky, 44, while being interviewed by Mexican magazine, FAMA, admitted that he could see himself having a non sentimental relationship with a woman.

I’m gay, men captivate me, but I like to enjoy sex in total liberty, which is why I am open to having sex with a woman if I felt the desire to, although I would not consider starting a sentimental relationship with her. In that way I’m all about men.

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PAY-Ricky-Martin-kissing-Ana-Paola-Diniz PAY-Ricky-Martin-kissing-Ana-Paola-Dinizj

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