7 Things We Learnt From England’s Euro 2016 Failure

It was yet another disappointment for England at the Euros this summer despite going with a lot of promise. The England team this time around somehow had a lot of promise but bottled it, falling to an all-time low after an embarrassing defeat against Iceland, a country with just 300,000+ people, making it their worst defeat since 1950. It didn’t come as a surprise though, not because they did not possess some quality stars but because they just find a way to bottle up when it matters in major tournaments. What happened again this time? Here are seven reasons England failed at the Euros;

England players react at the end of the Euro 2016 round of 16 soccer match between England and Iceland, at the Allianz Riviera stadium in Nice, France
England players react at the end of the Euro 2016 round of 16 soccer match between England and Iceland, at the Allianz Riviera stadium in Nice, France
  1. England Are Always Blinded By Qualifiers

Fact is, one of the worst time to play against England is in the qualifiers and the question is how can a team do so well in the qualifiers and then end up failing in the main tournament? In the qualifiers for this tournament, they went ten games without loosing and were probably blinded by their performance as Wayne Rooney came out to say it was the best England team he has ever been involved in despite been involved with the likes of Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and em all. Did it enter their head? Is that what made them an horrible bunch to watch at the tournament? Fact is, you might not be wrong. Despite possessing a bunch of local and young stars, England struggled right from the beginning and the faults were clear, conceding a lackadaisical equalizer against Russia, winning against Wales through a last minute goal and looked horrible in trying to break down a lethargic Slovakian side.The signs had been there from the first game but no one and I mean no one expected them to bottle the easiest round of sixteen clash in history against Iceland but then, it’s England. Win almost all your qualifiers and struggle to win just one game in a tournament!!!! They were definitely carried away.

  1. Roy Hodgson Failed Again In A Major Tournament

Hodgson has never really convinced anybody since he was appointed manager of the English team, not that his team were always playing good football but it remains a mystery why they always grind out results in qualifiers but never grind them out in tournaments. It’s Hodgson’s third major tournament with England and the results have been horrible. Prior to playing Iceland, he was clamoring about extending his contract with the National team, England fans though will be glad he finally packed his bags but unfortunately, he will never be remembered for being the king of qualifiers, he will rather be remembered for flopping in major tournaments with the National team and the loss against minnows, Iceland, in the round of sixteen clash will never be forgotten.

  1. Hodgson’s Tactics Were Horrible

He had a master first XI in mind which he played in the first game, it just didn’t work but then stuck with the same XI in the second game against Wales but had to re-shuffle at half time to make headway. It was clear, As much as the Kane-Alli partnership works perfectly in Tottenham, it just wasn’t working for England and needed to be changed and it took changing it for England to defeat Wales in that game. Rashford came in and inspired England with a breath taking performance with Sturridge putting the ice on the cake with the winning goal. England struggled badly in the game against Slovakia and Hodgson should have gone back, reflect on that game and find how to break a resilient defensive style, yet he didn’t. If he thought Slovakia was defensive, Iceland were twice as defensive, and had a weapon in their long throws but he didn’t do anything bout it.England kept playing a Van Gaal-esque tiki taka but created virtually nothing.I don’t even want to rant about putting Harry Kane on corners or Sterling, after a shambolic first two games returning to the starting XI.It was pure shambles.

  1. Some Of The Players Should Bow Their Head In Shame

How can Harry Kane ever be this horrible? I wouldn’t have ever imagined it in my weirdest dreams.Terrible at positioning, his crosses were awful, his finishing was laughable, he had a very woeful tournament. And Joe Hart, I just cant believe the goals he conceded. Just when you think the Bale freekick was a one-off, the goal he conceded against Iceland was worse, Hart did not make a single world class save at the tournament. And Dele Alli!!! Is this the signs of ‘the next Steven Gerrard’??? This doesn’t even look like the next Joey Barton. Lallana is another who has always been rated by his performances at Southampton.I have no idea what the Kop fans feel about him though. And what can Raheen Sterling do? Should I rant about him? I sure wouldn’t waste my time. Cahill and Smalling couldn’t bring that consistency to their game, Sturridge gave us a performance against Wales and disappeared, and Jack Wilshere? He shouldn’t have been on the plane in the first place. It was all a lot amazing seeing him as the first substitution against Iceland in a game Hodgson was looking to turn around. Another Hodgsonic tactical blunder.What more can I say? Spare a thought though for Rashford and probably Kyle Walker, Rose didn’t do bad at left back, Eric Dier was also solid.Asides, it was a total mess.

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  1. Like Alan Shearer Said, ‘The Foreign Players Are The Ones Who Make The Premier League Fun’

Is there any doubts? I do not think so. England are right now bereft of quality players and the annoying thing is even the so called good ones among them struggle when it matters most. The premier league is fun because of the Agueros, Sanchez, Ryad Mahrez was a revelation last season, Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane finished as the top scorers in the league last season but both combined to score just one goal which Vardy scored against Wales. Dele Alli who was the young player of the year was nothing to write home about.What more can I say?

  1. England Should Go Hard On Grass-root Football

Fact is, there are a lot of basic things the English grass-root footballers need to learn.The fact about the average English cost is the will to win at all cost and it is a problem if it is imbibed in the young ones, these guys need to build this players up on how to control the ball, how to pass, how to shoot, how to do the basic things. Watch the average Spanish player and he knows all these, the average English man is all in a hurry, can hardly sit down and learn the techniques of football, the dynamics of football, the English FA needs to imbibe this into their grassroots and not just win win win at all cost which is the average mentality of a young English player.It is bad if this is imbibed to these yougchaps at an extremely young age which is what is currently happening as no coach of any grade wants to be sacked, he therefore is not imbibing the techniques to the young chap, just the win win mentality which is affecting them.

  1. What Next For The Managerial Position

If Hodgson hadn’t resigned, he still probably would’ve been sacked anyways so what are the FA going to do next, give it to another English man??? The only things the English football men are exceptional at doing right now is punditary, asides that, I DO NOT see any English man who will successfully do something different in the role. I laughable, seeing Alan Shearer saying he would want to be the next England coach, or reports saying Gareth Southgate is the front runner to take over from Hodgson or linking Alan Pardew with the job and I ask myself, why will they want to go back to their vomit? Reshuffling what does not need to be reshuffled. The senior England position should never be an experimental position, I even feel it is bigger than any English man currently available. The position needs fresh mentality, a Frank De Boer is currently available, why not try and tempt a Mauricio Pochettino out of Tottenham Hotspur? In essence what am I saying? England should look foreign. Look outside for an experienced manager. How is Laurent Blanc available and no one is linking him to the job. My advice to the FA is simple, look outside for a foreign professional to do the job and as soon as possible as the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup will kick off as soon as possible.

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