7 Strangest Wedding Traditions In the world

Everyone loves to attend wedding, I mean who doesn’t like to see the dashing look on the newlywed,or take a pass at an opportunity to meet the single and ready to mingle peeps, free food and booze and also an opportunity to meet your old friends and crushes.


However, in some countries weddings can be gross, confusing or terrifying.

Here are some of the most bizarre wedding traditions.

China’s Pre-planned Crying

Wedding day is obviously an emotional day for the bride who leaves her family house. In Tujia, a china town, the bride start practicing how to cry, by shedding tears an hour daily for one month before the wedding. Also the bride’s mother, grandmother, and every female in the family  joins her in the tearful rehearsal ten days to the wedding.

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India girls Marrying a tree

In some part of India, women born as Mangliks (an astrological combination when Mars and Saturn are both under the 7th house) are cursed and  likely to cause their husband an early death. In order to break the curse, they must first be married to a tree and the tree cut down to break the curse.

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Koreans Beat the Groom’s feet

In Korea, the groom has his feet beaten with a cane before his first night as a married man. It can be painful but it’s over quickly and more fun than cruel. This is done to make sure the groom doesn’t disappoint on his wedding night.

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Indonesian’s No toilet Tradition

Indonesia has a weird wedding tradition. The honeymooners are locked in a house under strict supervision for three nights, during this period, the couple will not visit the toilet and they will eat only small amount of food. They do this to make sure the couple have healthy babies.

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Spitting on the Bride: Massai nation, Kenya

In Massai state of Kenya, the father of the bride blesses his daughter by spitting on her head and breasts. She then leaves the village with her husband and does not look back for fear of turning into stone.

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Shooting the bride in Yugur, China

In Yugur (chinese tribe), grooms shoot their future brides with three bows and arrows (that don’t have arrowheads). Once the deed is done, the groom will collect the arrows and break them, thus ensuring that they will love each other forever.

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Délicieux Toilette La Soupe: France

This probably the worst tradition I have ever heard of. In some part of france, on the wedding night, the couple’s friends will grab the left overs at the ceremony and pile them up in a toilet seat, the couple will then be forced to eat from the toilet seat. Yuck!

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