7 Benefits Of Fuel Scarcity In Nigeria


There is a popular saying that goes thus, “when life throw at you lemon, you make lemonade”. The prolonged fuel scarcity in Nigeria has unconsciously led to Nigerians devising different strategies, lifestyle and routines to placate the situation.

“No fuel” is no longer news and it is now more popular than “Na Dollar explanation for increase in price of anything in Nigeria”. Either you admit or not, you are guilty of one or more of the benefits of fuel scarcity identified below;

Quiet neighbourhood: Our neighbourhood is very quiet, serene and peaceful now due to the sabbatical leave that “I pass my neighbour generators” have gone and its chaotic noise and pollution is virtually non-existent. Who told you, fuel scarcity is not beneficial?

Stove iron now na hotcake: Stove iron is now a necessity in every home. If you don’t want to look rough and unkempt to work or outings, then stove iron is your sure bet to quell the menace of no light and no fuel. Get one today and you will not regret it.

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Everybody sleeps early: Maybe you have not realized it or you just realized it, everybody now sleeps early, since there is no light and no fuel to power the generator to watch the news, watch bought or rented movies, watch Telemundo, Indian or Phillipino soap operas like Saloni, The Promise, The Vow among others which are being televised late in the night as well as low battery or most times now, phone off to surf the internet…Na sleep sure pass.

Church and Mosque population increases for charging purposes: Religious folks are the one enjoying the fuel scarcity the most due to the increase in religious congregation. Fuel scarcity drives people in large numbers to churches and mosques. Reasons for visitation differs though such as to charge phones, enjoy air facilitated by industrial fans and air conditions and to hear the gospel and surf the internet at the same time. Admit it or not, God is watching you in HD.

No more network congestion: For sometimes now, I have observed there is no glitch in the network, no calls tuned to echoes and fast internet connection for streaming and downloading due to lack of electricity and no fuel to power generator to charge phones, tablets, laptops among others to congest the network. If you feel like downloading movies with large file uninterrupted, now is the right time.

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Children now read books than watch television till late in the night: Children now due to no light and no sure guarantee that generator will be powered at night are becoming more studious by timely doing their home works and read their dust-gathered textbooks. Mothers are now pre-occupied with getting their wards to do the academic needful rather than rent movie or have time to gossip about happenings in soap operas. After all, if mothers don’t guide their children academically, who will?

Happy family now because husbands now stay at home: This prolonged fuel scarcity bears good news to housewives as their husbands now stay at home and have time to look at their wife newly-plait hair, eat their meals on time without microwaving it, help out in supervising their children by constantly calling them to order, bring to their notice basic home necessities lacking as well as fulfilling other long overdue nuptial obligations since outside dull now. Thank God, Daddy is home (sarcasm not intended).

Either you admit or not, you be the judge.

Written by:  Dosunmu Moshood


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