6 Things You Should Never Give Up When In A Relationship


Yes, we get it, being in  relationship comes with compromises but let it be known that there are some certain things you just should not give up when you are in a relationship.

Your Identity

Most married women and mothers are actually the culprits here. Once they get married and start having kids, they suddenly lose track of whom they use to be and settle for being a mom and wife. For a healthy life ad relationship, you must never lose track of who you are.


Your friends and family


A lot of people don’t this, once they start that new relationship and they fall deeply in love, they begin to lose friends, finding it hard to call friends and family up or even meet up. But, before you found that new person, those same people were the ones you could not do without. Now except those friends are just bad for you, then you should not give them up.


Your Independence

Never lose your freedom once you are in a relationship. Your ability to take certain decisions on your own, make some moves on your own should never be swept under the rug. Ensure that you never give up your independence.


Your dreams and goals

This is common amongst moms and wives, once the babies starts arriving, they tend to put their dreams and goals behind them, forgetting entirely they once had them until years later. Never give up your dreams and goals because these two ensure you have a happy life.


Your self respect


Yes, no relationship is perfect. There will be bad days and good days but on those bad days, never allow anyone disrespect you. Name calling, disrespectful remarks should never ever be allowed in a relationship. So ensure your self respect is intact in any relationship.


Your beliefs


We were all brought up differently so definitely our beliefs will be different. You should never give up your beliefs in a relationship, because they actually define who you are. When you find that compatible person and you see a future with them, talk about your beliefs if they are different and find a way around it, but NEVER give them up.





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Temitope Delano

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