6 Things You Must Know About Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go, seems to be the most interesting news at the moment. It’s on every news station and almost every social media site. Even with so many people talking about the buzz,some people are still left wondering what Pokémon is all about.

In this generation and time, no one wants to be left out and so you’re probably wondering out of curiosity with all the noise and twist of a game, just a mere game. Well, this is not just any game.


So what is Pokémon?

To start with Pokémon, is coined from the name ‘’pocket monster.’’ Pokémon is a game with animal creature and the deal is to catch as many Pokémon as possible.

Now that you have that together, that’s basically the first steps of the game. You probably have the face that says seriously? It’s that simple? Apparently, it is that simple. Took me a while to understand it myself, so you’re not alone at this.

So I know I said it’s that simple, well, the truth is it isn’t simple, its complex and involves a lot of walking around. Yes walking around. It could be regarded as exercise though.

This is how it works. Beyond the fact that it is a game, it is also a game that brings one in line with reality.

So you get the app after registrations and all. Remember the game is all about getting as many Pokémon as possible and how that’s done is that you open your camera and a map comes out after you choose a character representing you.

On your screen, it shows you directions where you could find other Pokémon. The map on your screen, showing your surroundings like they appear in a real situation. The idea is to walk with your map leading you to where you find a Pokémon and when you find one you swipe a ball to hit the Pokémon on your screen.

The video below will explain what i mean.

Am sure you will agree with me that it is complicated because the truth is it is actually complicated and you’re left wondering why it’s causing so much buzz.

These are things you should know about Pokémon for a starter


Singular And Plural Are The Same

So you already know it’s a game but another thing you must know is that the singular and plural for Pokémon is still Pokémon, so you don’t get yourself embarrassed and laughed at.

The truth is the trend is weighty and people who want to know will ask you and if you’re like me  that doesn’t like to say ‘’I don’t know.’’ Will understand what i mean.


It’s Free

Who doesn’t like a free thing? This is definitely another reason to why it’s trending so much. Come on! Who would say no to something free?

So for now the app is free but for a full experience the app is in purchase offered by the game and later this month, they are introducing a $35 wearable Bluetooth that alerts you when a Pokémon is close by.

I even tried downloading the game this morning, yes i tried and that leads me to the other thing you must know.


Is It Available In Your Country?

Pokémon is only available in some countries, in other words not everyone gets the opportunity to play the game.

Pokémon is only available in Australia, Canada, Domican Republic, Egypt, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom and winners of the just concluded Euros Portugal.


Will this Buzz go away?

Before the Pokémon Go there was Pokémon and it was just a game with controls. It didn’t involve all this moving around.

The game is legal and the company behind it is Niantic inc. it is supported by the big players like Google and Nintendo itself.

I doubt this buzz will go especially when it hits the other part of the world.

The app is already netting more downloads than a number of social media sites and even about to outperform Twitter o a daily number of users. If you ask me that’s massive, and am left to imagine what happens when it hits the other part of the world.

This buzz is definitely not going anywhere.

This video will show you what i mean


You Can Say Goodbye To Your Battery

Trust me, this isn’t what you want to see or hear but the truth is it will drain your battery so fast you wouldn’t know what hit your battery. In order to play this game, it involves your GPS, Wi-Fi connection and even your camera to play this game.

I think i don’t need to stress this after saying all of that; you can be rest assured that all you will be left with is a bad battery.

In a statement though, Niantic addresses the worry of low battery and say they are trying to find a solution to it.


How Safe Is This?

Well, for a start it’s safe but along the line it gets all soaked up with events that can put you in danger.

Since we settled the part that it involves walking around to different places that normally you will probably not go to, you might be unfamiliar with certain locations and it could even lead you to streams like the news that a dead man was found by someone playing the Pokémon and reports believe the man was drowned. So yes, you’re advised not to be alone and avoid the woods and lonely deserted areas.

Because you will be holding your phone while working, there have also been reports about broken ankles and people running through a pole and the likes.

People have been tracked and robbed and with your phone exposed right in front of you, it doesn’t appear to be very safe.

Just a disclaimer, do according to the risk you can handle but as much as possible be safe.

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