6 Scientific Myths That Turned Out To Be False


You will agree with me that there are a lot misconception about certain myths that we have probably overheard till they stuck that we had no choice but to believe them.

Today we would just focus on the Myths and please feel free to comment and contribute. The irony of this is that, i hope i get my facts right…

Food, fresh. Watermelon on the table

Eating watermelon seeds will give you appendicitis

Nah. Just like almost everything we eat, watermelon seeds pass through the system and end up in the toilet. They don’t have much taste, and the body doesn’t have much use for them, but they aren’t harmful.

Placing your laptop on your lap will make you sterile



This myth grew out of a study by Argentinian researchers in 2011 which seemed to indicate that the electromagnetic radiation from the wifi signal damaged the sperm in a man’s testes. The researchers themselves later admitted that the setup was artificial in nature. The laptops were placed on laps for four straight hours, a somewhat rare scenario.

You only use 10% of your brain



The brain only weighs a couple of pounds yet it uses around 20% of the oxygen and glucose the body requires. It’s pretty doubtful we would have evolved so inefficiently if the brain was 90% useless. We all would be pretty daft set of humans.

Talking on your cell phone will give you cancer



There has been lots of talk over the years about how the radiation from cell phones may be causing brain tumors. As it turns out, not so much. An annual report from the Presidents Cancer Panel found no evidence to support the link between cell phones and malignancies.

Sugar makes your kids crazy





There really isn’t much evidence to show that the so called sugar buzz is a real thing (with the exception of a small number of kids with a rare insulin disorder). All that activity is more likely the result of the general excitement of lots of children together, party atmosphere, games, etc.

You should wash your chicken before you cook it



Not only is it a waste of time (proper cooking will destroy harmful germs), but according to the U.S Department of Agriculture, washing raw chicken just splashes potentially dangerous germs all over the sink and counter.


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