6 Popular Places To Be Informed In Nigeria

6 Popular Places To Be Informed In Nigeria

In Nigeria, everybody has penchant for news either it is a Hausa man with his transistor radio close to his ears listening to BBC Hausa or the Yoruba folks ardent followership of “Koko Inu Iwe-Iroyin” news radio programme every morning to the Igbo tribe patronage and banters on Wazobia fm with Yaw or LOLO 1, with the print media also enjoying the same level of patronage in readership.

Other sources of news also perform the same functions as mainstream media in bringing events around one’s environment and around the world known to the public. Most time sef, these other sources of news or information are current, instantaneous, unverified and more engaging than the mainstream media.

Social Media

On Social Media: The emergence of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, blogging, snapchat among others have removed the monopoly enjoyed by mainstream news media in Nigeria such that news, now are reported instantaneously on social media platforms and the editorial or proprietorial censorship of news content is non-existent. Who cares now to read newspaper, watch television for news late at night when light sef no dey or listen to radio when a click on social media platform gives you all the information and news you need to know.

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Newspaper Stand

News paper stand: This is one morning congregation you can afford to miss because it is the gathering of different personalities from all works of life arguing all virtually everything wrong and right in Nigeria. They routinely meet at a newspaper stand in every locality, read papers freely such that they are known as “Association of Free Readers” and in the process of their arguments, vital information are revealed and shared (both verified and unverified). When next you feel like knowing more about the entity called Nigeria, visit a nearby newspaper-stand close to you early in the morning.

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Beer Parlour

Beer Parlour: This is a fun arena to lose steam after the day’s work and an avenue to bond and connect for business people over cold bottled of beers. This meeting provide an opportunity to wine, examine and analyse the state of things in the country. In the state of highness and woofer voice, sensitive information and unguarded statements are revealed.

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Inside The Bus: This is an everyday scenario encountered by passengers commuting via public transportation anywhere in Nigeria. The moment the bus commences the journey, you will be greeted by announcements by those selling drugs, preaching the gospel or  selling books and after that the bus will be entertained with different arguments on why Bola Tinubu stole money, Fashola is not working or Buhari travels a lot or how Yemi Osinbajo is just an errand boy for the APC. No matter how unverified their information is, it must not be discarded as it sometimes contained element of the truth and reality.

Barber Shop

Barber Shop: This is a normal every evening street hangout for different shades of people to cut their hair, listen to street jamz, play checkers (Draft) or chess and discuss the state of the nation. In this intense heated discussions and arguments, news events or speculated information are revealed such that you see no reason to yearn for more news.

Sport Bet Shop

Bet Shop: If you don’t bet or play virtual games called ‘Alaja’ mostly in Lagos, then you must be ‘Omo Get Inside’. This is a place where people come to place bet on live matches or virtual games, flex their superiority knowledge of sport, view live matches and most times argue from known to the unknown. Trust me, any recent or contentious issues affecting Nigeria and the world will be discussed. You will be dazed by the knowledgeable contributions of these people, you will initially dismiss as ‘lowlifes’.

Written by Dosunmu Moshood


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