6 Keys Signs You Need To Quit Your Job

We all know work can not be fun all the way. Yes, there are days you have issues with your boss or even co-workers, or you need a time out after a long project, these are normal things that happens on the job, but the moment you feel you have reached a point of no return with these signs below, then its time to leave.


Growth is impossible on the job


Our job might be a cool one where we get to be happy most times, but when there seem to be no room for growth on a job you have been doing for years then its time to leave.




If thinking about your job makes you bored as there seem to be nothing challenging for you to do anymore, then why stay on the job? Staying on will only affect the quality of what you do which will in turn tell on your work ethics.


You feel undervalued

Many companies expect employees to give 100% loyalty but never give any back. If you work in a company where you are not valued, its best you leave before you are fired.


You just can’t stand your boss


‘If you have on multiple occasions tried to create a working relationship with your boss but this just never happens, you need to leave because staying will only make you resentful and frustrated which will on the long run tell on both your personal and business life.


Every day feels like a Monday


If you dread work day in day out, with evenings of a new day making you feel like the following a Monday until of course, the next is Friday, then quit already, because truth be told, you already left work even before Friday arrives.


You are no longer happy at work


When was the last time you smiled or even had a good laugh at work? Can’t remember? Work can be hectic but at least your co-workers should make you enjoy it once in a while. When  you realize that that isn’t happening or hasn’t happened in a long time, then its time to leave.





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Temitope Delano

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