6 Easily Forgettable Things That Are Way More Important Than your Job

With a job comes alot tasks one has to conclude within a time frame. The workflow in most people’s life tend to make them give real life issues the back bench in their life. We strive to make more money and with each increment comes even more thirst for more all the while ignoring some highly important aspects of our lives.

Here are 6 easily forgettable things that are way more important than your job.

The value of friendship


These days friendship is taken for granted but it does not overshadow the fact that we all need friends in our lives from needing them to have fun together to seeking advice when need be. So no matter how serious your job is, never ignore friendship as live will not be fun without friends.


The need for personal growth


In life, we learn everyday to remain atop our game. The moment we stop learning or yearning for new knowledge or things, life will remain stagnant before it finally comes crashing down. Learning new things will not only give us more exposure about life but might be important when a new job with a specific skill you recently learned opens up.




With the economic situation in countries now, many people, use this as an excuse not to give, but here is the truth, the economic situation might never go back to how good it was before now s why not help others who are in need, doing this shows the kind of person you truly are within.




Working a 9 to 5 work can take its toll on one’s love life but this should never stand in the way of finding love. Having a partner in one’s life will be of more advantage as you have a shoulder to lean on when work becomes too hectic.




A lot of people who work tend to fumble when it comes to family ties. Work should never stop you from strengthening your family bond, when there is a family gathering endeavour to be there, this will not only be good for you but also for the entire family.


Healthy diet


working a 9 to 5 job comes with many eating junks to stay active during the day but really this shouldn’t be so. Not only does an healthy diet do good for your health but also for your performance at work. Instead of that pastry for lunch tomorrow, try soe fruits and vegetables.





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Temitope Delano

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