5 Ways To Get Your Ex Back

More than 80% of people out here today have in one way or the other tried getting back their ex and this is due to the fact that they suddenly realize they are better persons when they are with them.


Relationships can be hard. Having to commit to one person and creating that space both in your head and mind for that one person but then everything suddenly takes a bad turn, you become heartbroken.

Now for some, breaking up might just be the best option, which they eventually take but then they begin to question if that decision was the best thus, the quest of getting back their ex starts.

So, if you fall in that category of suddenly wanting your ex back and are at a loss on just how to go about it, this article is certainly for you.


We will be listing five steps on how to go about this.

  1. Figure out what kind of man/woman he/she is attracted to: Yes, after you guys broke up, your ex moved on to a new person. So the first step is finding out the kind of man she is attracted to., You can do this by asking him/her gently and coyly, also think about those things you did that turned him/her on, those things you did that turned her off. The answers you come up with will definitely help you ascertain the kind of man/woman he or she is into now.
  2. Will this new person he/she is attracted to someone you are or will enjoy being:  Yes, this is very important as truth be told, if this new person is someone that will only frustrate you, then there is no point trying to win her back. Forcing this will only make things worse and miserable.
  3. Yes you can be, now lets plan: Finally you got to know the kind of person he/she is attracted to and you feel this new person will definitely be good for your being, next step is mapping out a plan to changing into that new and improved person. Make sure your plan is detailed and not too hasty, because, I mean, if you rush to the finish line, what high points will he/she be looking forward to then?
  4. Wipe the slate clean: You finally know what he/she wants and just how to achieve that, now its time to finally meet with your ex. Once you meet, let the person know that you take responsibility and you were wrong. Let the person know you are willing to change and how you intend going about it.
  5. Live out the plan: Yes, you finally have the plan and you have told your ex about it, the next step which is the most important is living out the plan. Now this should not be about living them when your ex is watching but living them all the time. Doing this will help in your relationship as it will prove that you are indeed sorry for what went wrong and are more than ready to change and become a better person.
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