5 Ways To Stay Happy In A Job You Hate

Sometimes people are not lucky to get jobs they have passion for. In a bad economy like Nigeria, it is arduous to get a good paying job you are passionate about.

Many people are miserable about their jobs, and of course you cannot quit and sit at home without the assurance of a better job.

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On our list are 5 tips to stay happy in that job that has rendered you miserable.

Think Positive

It can be difficult to see the good in bad things, but you still need to pull through and always see the silver lining in that predicament.

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Avoid Negative Company

Negative company and associations will only make your time at work more miserable. The best thing is to avoid any discussion at work that will bring you down emotionally.

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Initiate New project and ideas

Being involved in activities at work helps you hate that job. In fact, initiating new projects and ideas will bring you a step closer to liking that job you despise so much.


Find a buddy at work

Being around a friend at work will definitely boost your morale and make you less worried about the job.  Find a buddy something you can joggle your ideas with.

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Get a life outside

Doing something fun to do outside work will make you happier than you can imagine. If you are the type that doesn’t work on weekends, make time for things that will make you forget about your work.

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Also, having passion can be a huge boost, if you have some activities you are always looking forward to, you will definitely hate your work less.




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