5 Ways Older People Can Avoid Being Financially Scammed

With the high rate of financial scam in the country today, most older people, have fallen victim to these fraudsters over and over again.

Today, we will be discussing 5 ways older people  can avoid being defrauded by these online scam artistes.

1. Never Divulge Personal information over phone


many of these fraudsters call or send text messages, asking that you send them some personal information to help upgrade your account or stop a fake debit that has been made on your account, never oblige this request as they use this to access your bank account[s] and steal your money.


2. Unsubscribe from mailing lists



Some scammers go to the extent of sending mails with a forged logo of these seniors banks, asking that they send their details, please all seniors be warned, when you get such mail,never reply and immediately unsubscribe from such mailing list, because if you don’t, you keep getting such mails.


3. Never rush into taking a decision


Some seniors end up being defrauded by even some legit companies, who feel they can not read contracts. Shen you want to make a purchase, go through whatever contract issues over and over again, if possible, give a friend or lawyer to read before you append your signature to avoid being scammed.


4. Do not click on hyperlinks in emails

Senior man with a computer problem

Most of the scam mails sent have hyperlinks which asks the receiver to click on them, when you see a mail like this, ignore immediately. Its just another way to get into your account.


5. Never accept a strange friend request

For older ones who are still active on social media, you should refrain from accepting friend requests from strangers, its just another way online scam artistes use in stealing from you. They first befriend you then they start requesting/demanding for cash.




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Temitope Delano

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