5 Ways Nigerians Are Benefitting Despite The Recession

It’s definitely not been an easy time for Nigerians in Nigeria (except the politicians) due to the current depleted state of the economy. nigerian-men

A lot was promised in 2015 when APC took over, unfortunately, Nigerians are reaping the negative side of the promises. But then, as Nigerians, giving up is not an option and there are things that still help ease the current economic pain, in essence, here are still few things that fortunately haven’t followed the economic trend of making life difficult for Nigerians;

  1. Nigerians Are Gradually Exploiting Other Options; ayokunle

I was tempted to make this an agricultural discussion but I deferred. Fact is, right now, our youths are more up and doing, with many trying to establish personal business and others seriously looking into Agriculture. Our girls are now basically going after fashion designing, catering or even hairdressing, and other stuffs. Youths are now enlightened on the need to have extracurricular activities due to the fact that Salary jobs are hardly sustainable these days so it makes sense on every level.

  1. How Has Internet Data Plan Become So Cheap? img-20160531-wa0009

Just ten years ago, it was extremely golden to have a sim card, fast-forward 2016, sim card is totally free and data plans are now off the hook. At a point, it was extremely frustrating using an Android phone because of the data plan, but our network operators have despite the nature of our failing economy, made it easy for Nigerians to access the internet with cheap data plans that I can confidently say everyone is enjoying.

  1. Music Can’t Stop Coming Through; img_0311

Fact is, music is life and helps ease us in this tension filled Nigeria. It’s basically a reason why the danceable songs are easily doing well in Nigeria, with every musician having to twitch his/her sound to flow with the Nigerian way of hearing music, and seriously, you just can’t fault the average Nigerian music hearer. Music helps ease the tension, stress and annoyance of this bullshitted economy. Fortunately for us, recession isn’t affecting music as musicians are still constantly in the studio churning them out in mass.

  1. Social Media Is Taking Over; socialmedia

Now it depends on how you interpret this as in my opinion, social media has quite improved awareness and communication in Nigeria. People get to express themselves, howbeit positively or negatively. We can easily communicate with whoever it is, as virtually everyone is on social media. From the President of Nations to Governors, celebrities and others. It’s also a medium to connect with friends who you never know could help, it can also be beneficial in building businesses and could also be a medium of help for whoever needs. It also has its negatives but then, it has a whole lot of positives.

  1. Gala Is Still N50, Mineral Is Still N100 (and even bigger); img_6622

This is definitely something everybody can relate to. Fact is, Gala has been saving lives since I was born and fact is, ever since I knew gala, it has been N50 till date. The quality has reduced, yes, with the way the economy is, the price should probably have increased (we all know what the price of bread is) but it remains the same. And for its brother Mr Minerals, it’s even more positive news as it has increased by another 20 Litre despite the failing economy. This combo has saved a lot of lives and still does and we’re grateful it is still the way it is.

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