5 Great Reasons To Cheat On Your Girlfriend

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I have heard a million and one times how a particular hunky dude broke a girl’s heart with no prior notice[But again, do they really give notice], most of these girls vomit these words immediately birthing accusatory, disgusted and hateful feelings towards the unlucky guy. But really, have we all taken a step back to wonder why most of these girls ended up being heartbroken

In my opinion, men are not at all complex beings, in-fact,I see them as the simplest of living creatures the earth has given to us. So why do we keep getting so many girls having their mascara run and snot playing Pokemon go on their once before perfectly made faces? You’d be shocked at the answers.


I have spoken to a couple of guys and here are the 5 reasons why most of them did break up with their ladies.

When she is clingy


A guy probably saw you and loved the confidence you exuded upon meeting you, but immediately the relationship picked up, you became the miss insecurity, clingy and always wanting to be with your man…nah, no guy wants that.


When she won’t give up sex


He met you wearing really sexy clothes, grinding up against men at a party, but yet you claim to be a virgin or have a three-months rule, baby, be bye bye bye.


When she is rude


They are the type who are too good to do anything themselves. They can never say thank you or use the word please with domestic staff, disrespect your friends or family all in the name of I am not married or dating those people, if you are with such lady….feel free to kick her to the curb.


When she is filthy


This gets me every time any of my guy friends talk to me. You appear all neat, clean and fresh, smelling of expensive perfumes, one word from you sends all the teeth in one’s mouth falling off due to the stench, or the ones with smelly underarms or even vee jay vee jay…am certain no one needs to tell any man before he picks up his suitcase


When she is a cheat herself


These ones claim they are the sophisticated and rich one, in-fact, some of them go ahead calling themselves smart, because they can play two men at the same time. Good thing, these kind of girls are never hard to spot. Should be unfortunate to have met and is dating such a girl…approval, pull a Taylor Swift for this one.



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