5 Things You Need To Know About Google Self-Driving Cars

MK-BX919_GOOGSI_G_20121011181209_1409746826Well, recently they have been buzz about different car brands making self driving cars.

Toyota came out recently and said from sometime in 2017 they will start making self driving cars, explaining how it works and letting its users know about it.

Well, it was only recently Volkswagen joined the wagon and just few days back another well known brand BMW joined the race in working on self driving cars.

The interesting thing about this is that Google has been on this part quite a longer time compared to other automobile brands and with all that’s been happening and going on in the world of tech, there’s no doubt that we will have more self driving cars next year.

The software installed in Google’s cars is called Google Chauffeur with lettering on the side of each car identifying it as a “self-driving car”.

The project was formerly led by Sebastian Thrun, former director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and co-inventor of Google Street View.

In May 2014, Google presented a new concept for their driverless car that had neither a steering wheel nor pedals, and unveiled a fully functioning prototype in December of that year that they planned to test on San Francisco Bay Area roads beginning in 2015.

Google plans to make these cars available to the public in 2020 which in my opinion is far too long. The benefits of the self driving cars is that it reduces the strength of accidents on the road.


When i say this i actually don’t exclude myself from one of the terrible drivers especially because i had slept on the steering, well just once but that’s all you need to kill yourself, just one accident.

We drink. We doze. We text. We smoke and the list never ends.

In the US, 30,000 people die from automobile accidents every year. Traffic crashes are the primary cause of death worldwide for people aged 15-24, and during a crash, 40% of drivers never even hit the brakes. We’re flawed organisms, barrelling around at high speeds in vessels covered in glass, metal, distraction, and death.

This is one of Google’s “moonshots” — to remove human error from a job which, for the past hundred years, has been entirely human. The level of mistakes are too high not to think of the fact that we put others even at risk, sometimes even members of our families and loved ones.

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Well, the first set of Google Cars In the early versions they tested on closed courses, the vehicles were programmed to be highly aggressive. Apparently during these aggression tests, which involved obstacle courses full of traffic cones and inflatable crash-test objects, there were a lot of screeching brakes and roaring engines and terrified interns. Although impractical on the open road, and i actually wish i could experience one of those but maybe in 2020.

Unfortunately, the cars are a lot better now and known to be timid. It struck me as cautious though in my opinion.

It’s actually a good thing knowing that some people have entered some the Google self-driving cars and it is what they had to say.

“It drove slowly and deliberately, and I got the impression that it’s more likely to annoy other drivers than to harm them.”

Google can adjust the level of aggression in the software, and the self-driving prototypes currently tooling around Mountain View are throttled to act like nervous student drivers.

Sincerely, the Google Self –driving cars is are extremely careful and so far hasn’t had any experience with an accident like we all do every day.

So just maybe, having the self-driving car is really not a bad idea and we should all get one.

google-autonomous-car-prototype_100494838_lIT’S HANDSOME

Well am going for handsome but really the robotic car is really a beauty and comes in different shapes and sizes.

The interior is exceptional and has safety checks.


So it’s not yet perfect and it’s not a surprise why it’s taking up to 2020 to have the Google Self-driving cars hit the public full time.

There are still certain uncertainties surrounding the robotic car like what happens during a traffic light, or what if someone is on the street and is about to cross the road.

The sensor is really high as at now and so there’s a chance that even with a green light the car might not moved because it senses someone might cross the road especially if the person is standing by.

Regardless of that, Google has all the time to make sure the car is in good condition before it hits the public.

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For a car that moves  25 miles per hour you might think you might get bored and tiring driving in one but the reverse is the case.

Riding in a self-driving car is not the white-knuckled, cybernetic thrill ride one might expect. The car drives like a person, and after a few minutes you forget that you’re being driven autonomously. You forget that a robot is differentiating cars from pedestrians from mopeds from raccoons.

You forget that millions of photons are being fired from a laser and interpreting, processing, and reacting to the hand signals of a cyclist. You forget that instead of an organic brain, which has had millions of years to evolve the cognitive ability to fumble its way through a four-way stop, you’re being piloted by an artificial one, which was birthed in less than a decade.


The truth is that you sure wouldn’t need a driver’s license anymore. You can call it bad market especially in Nigeria where we know whatssupp when it comes to getting a driver’s license.

You probably don’t have to be even 18 to have one.

This would sure be the future of automobile and we sure are looking forward to it.

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