5 Things That Happen To You After NYSC

For most people, the one year compulsory youth service is always an exciting one; this is because many people enjoy moving away from their various home towns to learn about other tribes. The 12 month period is the time you meet new friends and for some new spouses.

However, life after NYSC is a different ball game; it’s that time you come in terms with reality.

Here are the 5 things that happens to you after NYSC.

No more Allowee alert for you

After your NYSC year, the only alert you will get from your bank is debit alert for charges of bank statement, it is then you start to appreciate the stipend the government were paying back then.

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Your Uncle that promised you heaven and earth starts to dodge your call

During your University days, you hear those rich uncles of yours make promises about jobs. Immediately after POP, they will stop picking your calls.

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Staying home and getting fat

You probably plan to take a month rest after your youth service, well you won’t know when one month will turns to six, as you stay home, eat and get fat.

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Vocational Trainings start to cross your mind

Especially the ladies, they are the ones lucky enough to run to make up school or culinary school after NYSC, as for men, you either do yahoo or rely on your talent.

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You start dishing out Cv like fliers

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Some people will start carrying their CV everywhere even when they are attending family reunions, all in a bid to secure a job.


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