5 Things To Consider Before Placing A Sport Bet

The sport betting industry in Nigeria, is growing at a fast pace as millions of football fans are now not only benefiting from the entertainment aspect of it, but, are also being financially rewarded, all at the same time.

The interesting thing about sport betting is, one doesn’t need to talk much on the outcome of a game, all you need do is put your money where your mouth is.Therefore, here are five valuable tips to consider before placing your bet.

Understand Every Options In The Betting Game bet1

The fact is, most people just go in to place a stake win the option of winning or losing not knowing there are also various options that come with the game e.g first player to score, first player to  score, halftime scores, first player to be yellow carded, +1, +2 ahead and various other stuffs e.g if Barcelona is playing a Grenada, it will be wise enough to play a Barcelona +1 ahead because 9/10 times, it will enter or if Real Madrid is playing a Barcelona, a sure bet is Ramos to get a yellow card, etc so there are various other favorable options outside just winning and losing that would fetch one a lot of points to win some money, therefore, investigate more.


Try Not To Carry Much Games At Once, Split Them


Fact is, everybody wants to win big and its understandable that the money the game you play, the better you stand a chance of winning bigger box but on the other hand, the more the game, the lesser your chances of winning. How about playing different games of seven per ticket in two places, or 5-5, 6-6 who knows? Just be wise and stop playing a single ticket with multiple games, better split and stand a better chance.

Never Ignore A Teams Recent Form bet5

Again this feels like a pretty obvious point but there is strong evidence to suggest that people still bet on teams based on their name and reputation. In Spain for example, the markets still price Barcelona and Real Madrid for the majority of their matches, clearly based on their previous history as the most successful clubs in the world! You should have a look at your teams previous 5-6 matches within that competition and if they are home or away too. Some teams can be great at home but poor away. It comes natural so try as much as possible to do some research on this.

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Understand The Outcome Probabilities bet2

The probabilities of match outcome are usually defined in the range between 0% (no chance) and 100% (a sure bet). For example, the Full Time Outcome Probabilities may be as follows: Home Win = 60%, Draw = 15%, Away Win = 25%. And the Total Under/Over 2.5 Probabilities: Under 2.5 = 45%, Over 2.5 = 55%. The sum of all Full Time Outcome Probabilities must be equal to 100%, since one of these three outcomes will indeed take place. The sum of Total Under/Over 2.5 Probabilities must be equal to 100% too, since the total number of goals scored during any soccer match will be either under or over 2.5. In other words, the probability of any outcome expresses your belief in this outcome, scaled between 0% and 100%. Probabilities are also widely known as “betting tips” or “predictions”, and can be found on the web. Let’s explain how you can evaluate them.

Bet On What You Know bet4

This is the best gambling advice you will ever receive, which is why it applies to well to the stocks and shares markets. Place bets on the sports and online games that you know and understand. There is nothing wrong with throwing a few naira into something new just to give it a try, but you expose yourself to higher risk because you are relying almost exclusively on luck. Do not be mistaken, all forms of gambling involve luck in the same way that all forms of swimming (literally) involve liquid, but relying completely on luck may be silly. At least if you bet on what you know, then you can make more educated guesses and selections.

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