5 Ridiculous Lines Nigerian Men Beg With To Get Laid

We’ve all been there; our boyfriend/husband, making use of those ridiculous yet somewhat funny lines, in hopes of getting laid. Many of us fall for these lines, while a few gets turned off immediately.

Here are 5 funny and desperate lines Nigerian men use in begging for sex.

Let me just put the tip

First guys, we are no fools you know that right. This line is like the most classic of all. They tell you, let me just put the tip, I won’t do anything.



Let Me Go In Once And Pull Out

Huh, bros that’s not possible…you have been begging all day, what assurance can you give on achieving such feat?



Let me just Rub On It



Let Me Put It In I Won’t Move

What??????? Because you are who again? Wedone



Let me just kiss and hold you I promise, nothing

Ain’t nobody gat time for that



Know more of these kind of lines, hit us up in the comment section.


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Temitope Delano

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