5 Reasons Why You Need A 4G-Capable Smartphone

From the name itself, 4G-capable smartphones are cell phones that are equipped with hardware than can effectively utilize the 4G network. Just like any other smartphone, these 4G phones have same features and act like a personal digital assistant (PDA).

It was in 1876, when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and changed the world and how it functioned.

Just like Bell’s telephone in his time, the 4G network is the next wave of the future right now and these are the reasons why you should obtain one.

More Data Hungry People


In the past, you will agree with me that one gig was indeed a big deal, but times have changed and seasons have passed which in turn makes people hungrier for the use of the internet. Many people are in search for a mini-laptop they can carry around and get information on the go online.

While it is true that any smartphone can do this, only a 4G-capable smartphone can specifically harness theoretical Internet speeds that reach up to 1 Gbit/s. For those who upload and download a lot of information, getting a 4G-capable smartphone is a major step in the right direction.

Download, Share Photos And Send Emails Faster


It is important to note that the 4G-capable smartphone can function as a 2G or a 3G smartphone but what advantage the 4G machine gives you is the ability to do everything way faster at the twinkle of the eye.

It is important to note, however, that the speed that 4G phones can reach is entirely dependent on its user.

Stream Videos Without Buffering


Those who are used to videos that sputters and stops will be amazingly surprised by the 4G-capable smartphone. Compared to smartphones that run only on a 3G network, this phone can provide the user a seamless video experience without the lag.

Creating an uninterrupted experience, now you can watch your movies and football games live on your mobile phone without the annoying buffering feature and enjoy online video conferences and video calls with clarity and better quality.

Better Calls with No Background Noise


People who are familiar with 3G calls over their smartphones, will agree that often than not they have to ask the other party ”can you hear me” because of the poor quality over the phone.

The 4G experience, makes you think the other party is in the same room with you with the HD feature. Some carriers in the United States have already brought this to their consumers. However, this can only be used by 4G-capable smartphones as well as a few notable 3G exceptions.

Create A Mobile Hotspot


Most 4G-capable smartphones can also work as a Wi-Fi router. Smartphone users can create their personal hotspots and share bandwidth with other people. Most networks charge extra for tethering.

However, this may be worth it if one does not have to spend time looking around for public Wi-Fi. Mobile warriors who need Wi-Fi constantly on their laptops will appreciate that they can simply hook it up to their smartphone. Just remember that while the connection speed will be a lot faster due to the 4G network, sharing the connection with more than five users can slow it down.

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