5 Major Reasons Students Drop Out Of School

According to research, a minute percentage of students drop out yearly from high school and colleges. Seeing student pulled out of school is not new in the Nigerian society.

Several situations warrant this problem, some of which are outlined below.

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Broken Families

This is usually a number reason a child gets to attend several school before he/she can complete his high school education. The separation among parents always has and emotional effect on the kids. Custody battle alone will have the child trying to blend to the living arrangement. They are overwhelmed with hurtful memories that make them lose concentration and take them away from their academics.

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Health Problems

Sometimes, a student is forced out of school due to his/ her health situation. For a child who’s genotype is SS, he or she will miss out on academic activities due to constant illness. Such will spend more time in completing his education.

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Lack OF Guidance

Youth need proper orientation and guidance to see the importance of education. Many youth who have had a taste of making money prior to gaining admission into the university don’t see the need to have a first degree. Such person will always forfeit his admission.

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Our youth these days are more interested in following their “dreams” rather than going to school to study. Many believe talent can make you rich so why waste time studying. They forget education is not just about learning about how to read and write.

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Becoming a Parent

Especially among ladies who get married at an early age due to uwanted pregnancy. Many of our female youth are more concern about having a wealthy spouse than having a good degree. Nobody wants to self-made.

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What most people forget is how important education, its goes beyond reading and writing. Education is the key.



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