5 Reasons Pep Guardiola Might Be Overrated

For the past two years or more,questions have been raised about the tactical nous despite achievements with Barcelona where he started out after somewhat of a good career in playing the game at the club.

Guardiola won thirteen trophies in four years as manager of FC Barcelona, including two UEFA Champions League titles, beating English powerhouse Manchester United in 2009 and once more in 2011. He is the youngest UEFA Champions League winning coach in history and won six trophies in 2009, winning all competitions his team took part in. Guardiola did not stop there, instead he headed to Bayern munich to inherit a team that had just won the Champions league and won his league in his time there but never won the champions league in his three years at the club before confirming his move to Manchester city. Regardless of his list of achievements, Guardiola is still being accused of simply being a man in the right place at the right time.The question now is,is he truly overrated.Here are five reasons i feel he is.

1. Is It Easy To Coach FC Barcelona??? Ohhh Yes

The question is which coach will go into a team and have Ronaldinho, Deco, Iniesta, Puyol,then add Alves, Henry and Ibrahimovic and wouldn’t do well. Messi was also coming through the ranks alongside Pedro and Busquets whom he promoted from the Barcelona B team to constitute the squad of talented super stars.Fact is Guardiola did not invent tikitaka and never modernised it like its been touted.He just came through that school of Johan Cryuff and continued the standard he met on ground,coupled with signing of great players which he already had at his disposal.He must be credited though for converting Messi from being the orthodox winger we all coveted to being the central forward who has gone on to win several Ballon D Or’s but he never signed Messi and Messi has since blossomed since he left.How can we forget the signing of David Villa who he even signed when he got rid of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.The names on this list will take any coach places.The question is,is it easy to coach Barcelona? and the answer is Yes.Frank Rijkaard had an awesome time with Barcelona,how has his career gone since he left? How has a Luis Enrique who never made headway at Celta Vigo and failed at Roma now a superstar in Barcelona? RIP Tito Villanova but he still won the league at the club and Tata Martino? He led Argentina to the finals of the World Cup but will any of Europe’s big clubs take him as a coach??? The answer is No.I conclude this by saying No big club will ever risk its academy coach at the helm of affairs of its senior team without any prior senior experience only Barcelona would.And now with Messi Suarez, Neymar,that squad do not need a coach though,they probably just need a guardian to follow the legacy Johan Cryuff left behind and Guardiola benefited from that.

2. How has he not had a cure for a complete defensive team – an alternative when tiki taka isn’t working

Fact is we respect coaches who have a dynamic style of play and Guardiola is one with his tikitaka but in modern day,you have to diversify your methods.Times without number,we’ve seen Guardiola’s team crumble when they can’t break an all defensive team.It happened against Atletico Madrid. Bayern toiled all game in both legs and Pep Guardiola’s side couldn’t find a cure to their defiant defensive performance,even more annoying is the fact that they played their tiki taka,even added taki toko to it and yet couldnt get that vital goal.The question is,how can you have over 75% possession and not get a win.It happens under Guardiola and that’s because he’s not found a cure for teams with superb defensive performances.The same thing happened two years ago in the semi finals against Realmadrid where they couldn’t break down a Realmadrid’s defense marshaled by Ramos and can we forget 2010, how he couldn’t break down a resilient Mourinho’s Intermilan team over two legs in the semi-finals.All these games were games where he needed a tactical switch against an overly disciplined defensive sides that knocked him out on the counter. Shoutout to him though for winning two Champions league finals against ‘one team’, Manchester United who were never a superb defensive team and lacked a midfield general since the exit of Roy Keane. Fact is, Guardiola needs an alternative if tiki taka isn’t working to help him win games against an overly disciplined defensive side and he hasn’t had one in almost 10 years of coaching.

3. Is That Why He Couldn’t Win A Single Champions League At Bayern Munich???

You can probably say that again.Fact is, when Guardiola joined Bayern Munich to replace Jupp Heynckes,he wasn’t expected to perform a miracle but keep up to the standard of the previous administration,as simple as that.Has he done that?.Guardiola inherited a Champions league winning team with a direct style of play and even added his own superstars he needed,and here is the irony,he did this by weakening his nearest competition in the league, signing their best player, Mario Gotze and in the next season,their highest goalscorer Robert Lewandowski.(That definitely wouldn’t happen in England).By the way,he still signed the likes of Javi Martinez, Douglas Costa,Benatia, Thiago Alcantara, not also forgetting Xabi Alonso and Arturo Vidal all in the name of taking Bayern Munich to the promise land.Did he do it?.He never even got past the semifinals even with the kind of squad he had at Bayern munich,a team that had not just won it,but added super stars in hope of conquering not just in the Champions league but also conquer the whole world.He just stayed conquering Germany.Will we now say tikitaka conquered just in Germany and failed to conquer the world under Guardiola? You are ddefinitelynot wrong because the Bayern squad under Jupp Heynckes were never a tikitaka team but a team with an absolutely direct style that penetrated opponents defense with absolute ease,something Mr tikitaka has failed to achieve under Pep Guardiola.

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4. I Started from the —— now i’m —-.No man, you were presented a golden opportunity from the start

Fact is Guardiola never started from the bottom but grew to have a supposed great career coaches will admire him for.He was appointed coach of Barcelona on 21 June 2007 with Tito Vilanova as his assistant. Under his guidance, the team subsequently won their Tercera División group and qualified for the 2008 Segunda División B playoffs, which the team won, thereby achieving promotion.With just a successful season with the Barcelona B squad,he was considered for the first team opportunity.How is this possible at other clubs,to employ someone who never had a successful first team coaching elsewhere to become a first team coach,worse off,handing over the mantle to an academy coach.(Don’t dear try that at Stamford bridge) but then its Barcelona and a place every coach would want to start his career with super stars like Messi and Suarez at his disposal,worse off,id lead them to the semifinals and i become popular,then other clubs will start looking out for me.Its simple,Guardiola is the luckiest manager to ever coach in the history of football.Given the post of first team coach at Barca without first team experience and then appointed coach of Bayern Munich that had just won the UEFA Champions League to just make them a lil better by maintaining the standard of the past administration,(winning the champions league at least),something he failed to do in THREE years.Coaches like Mourinho had it tough first as an understtudy to some great coaches and then,went their lane and did great things e.g winning the UCL with Porto,something unrealistic,something Guardiola can never do,also winning it in Italy and winning the league in every country he’s ever been to.Carlo Ancelloti won the Champions league at AC Milan and Realmadrid.Will Guardiola have a better chance of winning it outside Barcelona again?

5. Are We Even Waiting For Him In The Premier League???

Ohhh Yes I am.Fact is he is a good coach and this will be his biggest challenge till date.Will he be respected if he wins the Champions League with Manchester city? Fact is,he is already respected but this will be the kind of achievements that will make people admire him more,take a team that is a bit struggling,make the likes of young players Sterling, Iheanacho world beaters,change their already awful style of play under Pellegrini. Fact is Manchester city already have the most expensive squad in the Premier league as it is and it might even be far more expensive by the time Guardiola comes in because most of the players they brought in have flopped, Mangala,Bony and might be disposed with Guardiola in charge.The likes of Yaya Toure, Jesus Navas,Nasri are not Guardiola’s kinda players,Kompany is already injury prone,infact, a whole lot of holes needs to be filled when Guardiola comes in and a lot of money will be spent,which will then require more pressure to deliver.Another interesting reason to see him in the league is to see how well his tiki taka will work against a set of premier league teams that play a deep line of defense and swift counter attack.Will he change his style to adjust to the premier league? Or will his tikitaka work so well,teams will start changing their style to the tikitaka mode of play? I will have to go with the first one.I Welcome Guardiola to Manchester city but i do not wish him any success of sorts as a rival fan.

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