5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is Still Topping The Republican Polls

We all know Donald Trump, don’t we? He is in the news for the wrong reasons, isn’t he? He has said many things we can easily tag absurd and gotten away with it, haven’t he?  Yet! He is still trending among voters and delegates, yet! He is still leading in the ongoing republican primaries, from his entry into the race till date, and I don’t think he will be leaving that position anytime soon.

file photo of Donald Trump
file photo of Donald Trump

‘The Donald’ is here to stay, and believe me friends, Americans do love him, and I do too by the way; and I am certain that I am the only Nigeria that does so.

I am not a prophet, but Trump is going to defeat “Lying Ted Cruz” as he always calls him, to cling the republican presidential nomination spot, and he will also defile all odds to become the greatest American president of all time.

Here are 5 reasons why Mr. Trump is still topping the Republican primaries against all odds.

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  1. Building of the Mexican Border walls: Trump have stated it over and over again, that he will build a very huge wall over the countries southern border that connects the country with Mexico. And the amazing part of this to Americans, is that he plans on having Mexicans pay for this wall.
  2. Threat to Radical Islam: Trump poses the greatest threat to ISIS and other terror cells, and this the American public can ascertain based on his perceived actions and inactions.
  3. Jobs creation: American is going to experience a huge rise in job creation with a Trump presidency and they know this, for he is very experienced in that field.
  4. Relations with Russian: a Trump sitting in the oval as commander in chief, is going to cement cordial relationship with Americans perceived economical enemies, The Russians, and the possibilities is ongoing….. Moscow loves Trump.
  5. Lobbyist control: Donald Trump is not a conventional political. He does not require money from donors to back his political campaigns. He funds his campaign from his personal wealth, hence his policies won’t be motivated like other politicians that depends on political donors.
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