5 Reasons Why Arsenal Must Sign Lacazette


The transfer market has definitely been filled with lots of intriguing talks of players, currently being overpriced and clubs having to fork out lots of money to get deals done in earnest in-order to improve their team ahead of the new season.

One of the interesting news going around is the one that involves, Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette. Over the weekend, Lyon publicly made it known that an offer from Arsenal, for the top class striker, was rejected and would remain so until Arsenal meets with the release clause binding Lacazette. The question on the lips of most now is,  and should Arsenal go all out to sign the Lyon striker? In my opinion, yes, they should.

Here are five reasons why I think Arsene Wenger should splash on Lacazette;

  1. He’ll Blend Better With Sanchez and Ozil; ozilsanchez

Does Giroud blend well with Sanchez and Ozil? Well, I think not. Giroud is a good striker and feeds off what he gets from these guys, getting a chunk of Ozil’s 18 assists and also feeding off balls from Sanchez but the fact is, he should also be trying to replicate same for the guys around him to make things easier. Aerial threat asides, Giroud does not help other players around him get better. When was a last time we saw a good cross from Giroud that led to a goal? When last did we saw Giroud give Ozil a sumptuous pass, or even create a goal for any of the superstars around him. This doesn’t surprise me though, fact is, these guys will thrive better with a Lacazette who can come into pockets of space behind the line and allow guys around him to run into channels thereby confusing opposition defenders and allowing everyone around him thrive.

  1. He Can Confidently Play Across The Front Three; slide_31

Trust me, I am hardly a fan of Giroud and this is one of the reasons, he is too orthodox. One of the advantages of world class strikers right now is the ability to play across the front three. Fact is, their main position is upfront but what happens when you have to contribute on the wings, in midfield? One of the reasons why Suarez thrives at Barcelona is the fact that he can comfortably interchange positions with Neymar and Messi and still thrive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m never comparing Suarez and Giroud but the fact is, if you want to be a great striker, your contribution all over the field matters, something Giroud never offers, something Lacazette will offer to an extent. That is part of why he is highly rated.

  1. He Has A Point To Prove; Emirates Cup 2015 Arsenal v Olympique Lyonnais Emirates Stadium, Hornsey Rd, London, United Kingdom - 25 Jul 2015

The question is, Is Lacazette really regarded outside France? I do not think so, the reason being that the only team we get to watch in the French league is PSG as they’ve continually dominated the French  league in the last few years due to their riches. Despite that, Lacazette has always held his own with Lyon, constantly finishing just behind Zlatan in the goal scoring charts and leading Lyon to the top three on the French league table. The fact that he couldn’t get a chance to prove himself at the Euros after being dropped from the French squad didn’t help matters, as it would have really been an opportunity for him to show what he can do. Right now, he has that opportunity to show himself as he is being seriously linked with PSG and Arsenal, and Wenger would do well not to pass up the opportunity, thereby making an increased bid for the Lyon striker.

  1. He Could Be An Upgrade On Giroud; lacazin

Lets make it clear, Giroud, even with his opportunity with playing with world class players (Sanchez and Ozil), still does not portray the potentials of being a top player, but with Lacazette, even as he does not play with world class players in Lyon, he still finds a way to be productive. No-one will guarantee his productivity, playing with world class players but the fact is, the signs are there. What I think will work for him will be the ability to mix and mesh positions with the players around him, interchanging positions with Sanchez and feeding off Ozil, something Giroud never offers. Welbeck, offers it but naturally lacks productivity as a finisher. Lacazette is an all-round  player and a good finisher, surely not in the class of Suarez and Aguero, but there are chances that he’ll improve and  Arsenal will definitely benefit from it.

  1. Is There Really A Better Option, Value-Wise; Transfers100-large_trans++2oUEflmHZZHjcYuvN_Gr-bVmXC2g6irFbtWDjolSHWg

Fact is, the market is going crazy with unscrupulous deals everywhere. Manchester United were extremely lucky to get a Zlatan Ibrahimovic on a free, Imagine John Stones priced at $60m, Mancity set to sign an unknown 20 year Brazilian striker for $42m, Gonzalo Higuain being sold for $88m, Paul Pogba set to seal a $120m deal to Manchester United. How Arsene Wenger, is still thinking of meeting Lacazette’s  £34m release clause is baffling. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Arsenal loose out on him with PSG also hot on his heels. In my opinion, there is no better striker, value wise, left in the marketwith the exception of  Romelu Lukaku’s  £65m and  Aubameyang’s £80m releases clauses, which will certaininly be absurd, should Arsene Wenger, take the bite.

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