5 Popular Jobs Graduates Have Had To Settle For Over The Years

Nigerian graduates are arguably the most underrated set of people in the society. The high population of graduates has placed importance on some  small jobs.

Unemployment has pushed graduates into doing jobs that are meant for high school dropouts.

Our list outlines jobs graduates have had to settle for. These low paying jobs whose salary doesn’t match the job task.


The NYSC year, had most graduates posted to high school, something most graduates have no flare for (except people who read education courses). The stress this jobs involves is nothing compared to the salary the practitioners get.

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Most graduates flee from jobs adverts that concerns marketing. Although some people are making it in the industry, Marketing remains the ocean graduate are always scared to dive into, but have to settle for due to the high level of unemployment in the country.

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Don’t get me wrong, people with the passion for it are doing this job. However, journalism made this list because it’s an arduous job that comes with little pay. Reporters are arguably the most underpaid personnel in the media industry. It is also an industry that i easy to go into with little or not training.

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Bankers appear rich, well suited in big cars (which most can’t afford the mortgage). The banking industry is one place fresh graduates avoid. Many believe it is another form of slavery especially when you juxtapose the job objective and remuneration. Banking industry is the type that accept all degrees for the entry level which makes available to all.

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This is a known fact; clerical jobs like receptionist and secretary are very much under paid and over used. The job is an advance form of “errand boy”. Graduates settle for this job as a result of unemployment.

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