5 Moves Guaranteed To Get You A Flatter Tummy In 2 Weeks

flat tummy

We all know a flat and toned tummy, is like the first step to looking hot and sexy.

Many have gone different routes to ensure they have a flat tummy and probably succeeded, while some are still on the herculean task that is threatening to swallow them in no time.

Good news, you need not give up on your flat tummy goal as we will be teaching you 5 steps to achieving a flatter and toned tummy in 2 weeks.

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The power center of our body rests on our abdominal muscle, the math is simple, they stronger the muscles are, the stronger, we are.

A well toned tummy aids in twisting, bending, balancing and coordinating movements. They also sometimes lend our spine the support needed which in turn enhances our posture.

A daily dose of these steps will help you achieve a soft and toned stomach muscles in no time.


Step 1:
Lie straight on your back first, raise your legs up to a -degree angle, cross them and flex your feet. Now, extend your arms toward your toes, make sure you keep your chin up in the process.

Step 2:
 Ensure to breathe steadily and easily as you crunch up to reach your toes through a count of 10 seconds.

Step 3:
 Once you count to 10, hold that position and squeeze for  seconds at the maximum tension point.

Step 4:
 gradually return to your starting position, through a count of 10 seconds, making sure your shoulder blades do not touch the ground.

Step 5:
Repeat these steps three to four time without resting.

To get fast result, ensure to carry out these routines daily and correctly, in no time you ill begin to see fast results.


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